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I created another MOC For you to enjoy, Here is Recke The Burning Cold

47385918091_f4c1ec02c2_k.jpgIMG_20190314_064515436 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

  Originally a warrior of the fire tribe, he got buried in an avalanche during a northern crusade. For millennia he was trapped in the tundra. However as the ice melted during recent years this warrior was freed once more. Now empowered by ice as well as fire he seeks vengeance on both his old enemies and the allies that forgot about him. 

40420438223_c0e8a3e3bb_k.jpgIMG_20190315_075729391 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

For offense he wields the Sword Of The Freezing Flame. It has a flame and an ice blade that coexist due to their equality of power.

40420430163_88a07ec4d0_k.jpgIMG_20190314_064543064 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

47333064852_fc471067ba_z.jpgIMG_20190315_075550742 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

For defense he has a simple ice shield similar to that wielded by villagers of ice.

 40420427853_6f3eea72e9_k.jpgIMG_20190314_064530493 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

40420437343_52c0b41806_k.jpgIMG_20190315_075610440 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

40420439213_efa447b199_k.jpgIMG_20190315_075624739 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

Here is his custom lower leg.

47333054012_5578b6c440_k.jpgIMG_20190314_064604778 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

Here is his two Arms, one was replaced by Ice, the other is original to him,

47385942131_c0f639c518_k.jpgIMG_20190315_075801627 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

40420450503_f4d8efcfb5_k.jpgIMG_20190315_075813857 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

Recke has mighty shoulder pads,

47385944821_bc1b8cc137_k.jpgIMG_20190315_075819758 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

Here is an terrible back shot

40420452583_40cd16ee06_k.jpgIMG_20190315_075900302 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

Here is his royal crest

47333055612_edf38b79a5_k.jpgIMG_20190314_064612377 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

And Finally here is a size comparison with Lovely Galit Uniter of Water.

47333126412_775895eceb_k.jpgIMG_20190315_080314326 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

Recke's Crusade brings trouble to the villages of Fire and Ice, as well as those that protect them. Protectors, Rahi, and even other Skull Raiders are no match for his duel  elemental powers and Mastery of combat. Can the Toa stop this forgotten warrior. Or will all submit to the Ire of the Freezing Fire?..

.47385995571_fa1457a1d6_k.jpgIMG_20190315_080153179 by Dark Maste, on Flickr


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