[MOC] Scorpius Mk IB & C

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Usually for something like this (i.e. a derivative of a design) I would put the other versions in the same post as the original, but in this case I only thought of doing a modification of my Scorpius MRV while I was working on its successor. After I went through that design, I went back and retroactively built the following versions of the original. Think of these additions as something akin to the Creator X-in-1 sets; in this case, a base model and the subsequent retooling that the Rebels did to add even more versatility to their arsenal.


Here's the Mk IB-1; it's essentially the same as the 'A' model, although it would allow a commander/officer to stand in the middle.

33453854218_71dce312e6.jpgSW Scorpius Mk IB-C #1 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr

Next is the Mk IB-2, the Communications/Electronic Warfare vehicle based off the Mk IB-1.

33453854078_9e702ee0d1.jpgSW Scorpius Mk IB-C #2 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr

After that is the Mk IC-1, the troop/cargo carrier. Although not very effective due to its small size, it can still fit three 2x2 boxes, or up to three soldiers comfortably (you might be able to stuff a fourth in if they were standing up, but three is advisable). In addition, the tail mounted blaster cannon is operated by the pilot/driver, however it can be put on a lower mount so that the soldier in the back can man it; this blaster cannon is also meant to be removed if necessary (being taken by the soldiers to use in an attack).

33453853908_917ee73a7b.jpgSW Scorpius Mk IB-C #3 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr

Last is the Mk IC-2, a slightly bigger version of the Mk IC-1. This can hold four boxes, or up to four soldiers (as before, you might be able to stuff an extra one in).

33453853698_5bef30b01b.jpgSW Scorpius Mk IB-C #4 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr


If you want to build this for yourself, here's the instructions:

And again, any feedback would be appreciated. :classic:

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