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[Software] PatternFolder - Project Stickers and Prints onto Surfaces (Web-based, all platforms)

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I have just released first version of Pattern Folder. It is a simple Javascript based tool to add curvature to LDraw files. See how to use it in the video below.


How to get started (as shown in the video)

1) Go to and add your sticker.

2) Use a file, URL or simply paste the content of your LDraw file. Please note that only line type 0, 2, 3 and 4 are supported. Sub-files (type 1) and conditional lines (type 5) or any other digital file format are not yet supported.

3) Click on the surface of your choice (or type in your own. Click the various surfaces or see the video to learn how).

4) Download your folded LDraw file.


See building instructions for the Corvette here:

Building instructions for the Porsche 911 RSR is found here: (not all stickers made yet)

Pattern Folder is 100% free to use, copy, improve, and eat (dietary restrictions may apply). It is also free from advertising and complies to GDPR because it doesn't track anything, nor take ownership of anything you use it for. I have added an ad to the video in order to pay for the website hosting.

GitHub project: Feel free to make pull requests, raise issues, fork, clone, etc.

Please feel free to post ideas, suggestions, missing patterns, bugs, ... or if you think this kind of tool is a stupid or great idea.

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Absolutely @supertruper1988. I have just added all 4 to the list of height maps.


Others have asked me if this works with other programs than It works with all LDraw-based programs, such as MLCad, LDCad, BrickSmith, et. al.


It does not, however, work with LDD as it uses a different format.


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I am revisiting this project to add support for sub-models, conditional lines, textures, and Studio 2.0 textures. There are still some bugs to fix, as evident in the screenshot below, but if there are other features which you would like to see included, then now is the time to voice your request!



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I have updated the Pattern Folder application so that it now works with sub models. I have also added some new templates, which I hope people find in handy.

Handling of sub models allows you to fold all kinds of parts, such as the headlight brick in the previous post. The normal usage will be the box5.dat which lies beneath your typical sticker, such as the "71" number plate on the nose of the Ferrari 488:


Here you can also see another improvement: Pattern Folder now supports texmaps - both standard inline, as well as the format used by Studio 2.0.

The new circular templates can be used to fold stickers around macaroni bricks, such as seen on the front of this Ferrari 488:


Building instructions for both are on - see link in my signature.

The app has also been moved to  in order to use the LDraw parts library that lies on that server and fold... anything, really.

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