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[MOC] Red Dead Redemption 2 – The streets of Rhodes

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1899, the United States of America
On a trip to Saint Denis Arthur Morgan crosses Rhodes, a small town in the near of Saint Denis. Arthur links his horse close to the Rhodes train station and walk a bit on the dirty streets of Rhodes. The ground is sandy and there are many small stones. On the left and on the right side are plants, some yellow and white flowers and a small shrub. Close to it are rocks and a bird with a red beak is sitting on a big one. On the street is a black man with his tormentor, which torture the black man and force him to do his work. Arthur go for a walk and after a few meters a man walks to Arthur and ask him : “Where’s Gavin?” The man searchs for his buddy Gavin but could’t find him. Strange people in the streets of Rhodes…

47264598602_5a0a9fc5e8_z.jpgRed Dead Redemption 2 – The streets of Rhodes by KevFett2011, auf Flickr

This is my 8th MOC for our Red Dead Redemption 2 collab. This time, it is a small vignette (24x26 studs) with a black border like my first Red Dead II creation.Why a small vignette? The landscape is interesting but in the game aren’t a lot of exciting scenes so I decided to show you only the landscape and a meeting with an interesting character.  The MOC shows a small section of the streets of Rhodes, a small town in the game. The streets are dark orange and very sandy and close to the street are some plants,flowers and rocks. I wanted to catch Rhodes as well as possible and I hope you like the creation.
I would be pleased to get feedback.

Greetings Kevin

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