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[SR - FB] Armageddon

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Dramatis Personae:


Sea Rats

Ethylene Glycol
Professor of science.  A former faculty member at a prominent Corrington university, she was dismissed after failing to have her grants and fellowships renewed as a result of years of failing to publish in peer reviewed scientific journals.  Railing against the scientific institution's insistence that data obtained from experiments must be reproducible and come from well controlled rational approaches to testing a model, Professor Glycol has decided to start her own university of higher learning at the Port of Bastion, where she can do science the proper way and publish in her own independent journal with herself as the sole reviewer, unfettered by the rules of the intellectually inferior.

Lucy Liu
Sixth year graduate student with no publications.  Bitter and jaded, with hatred for the entirety of existence, Lucy followed her advisor to the Port of Bastion, because no other faculty members would accept her as a student after being already mentored by Professor Glycol.  Highly intelligent and talented, she has languished in academic hell for the past six years, trying in vain to get her advisor to adopt the practices of the other science professors.  

Wilhemina Savore
A graduate student in civil engineering, with an interest in siegecraft.  Prefers to be called Willy.

Alois Bieber
First year graduate student with no publications.  As a former Olean soldier in the Order of Faith, he was a leader against the principles of science, when he attempted to disrupt a seminar being given by Professor Glycol.  Instead, he found himself understanding her talk and becoming interested in the subject.  Confused and bewildered, he spent two years soul searching until he was able to accept that he had been wrong his whole life.  Alois then sought out Professor Glycol, explained his scientific enlightenment, and became her student.


Harriet Schwartz
A captain in the Oleon navy and a master naval tactician. She fell in love with an Oleon soldier named Alois Bieber, due to his intractable religious faith and his outspokeness against the principles of science, not to mention his super hot looks. She courted him, only to be horrified as she witnessed his turn to heresy at the hands of the blasphemous Professor Glycol. Now she is on a mission to get him back from the Sea Rats and return him to the truth of the Oleon faith, while making him hers.

Helmut Dark
An officer in the Oleon navy and Captain Harriet Schwartz's first officer. Professional and loyal, he follows his captain's every command, while putting up with her shortcomings.

Dieter Picante
A young Oleon navy officer in Captain Harriet Schwartz's crew.






24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg     Rassilon?  Why are we looking at Rassilon?


24369951161_932640e54d_t.jpg     It looks so peaceful, doesn't it?  And they don't even realize...

24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg     That didn't sound ominous at all.  Wait...that thing we built?  Don't tell me!!!

24369951161_932640e54d_t.jpg     There it is, up in the sky!


24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg     We're destroying the Sea Rat settlement of Rassilon?  All those people are going to die!!!

24369951161_932640e54d_t.jpg     They're not ALL going to die.  Besides, the upkeep costs were getting outrageous.  Rassilon had to go.  It got too expensive.

24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg     So we're just going to kill them?!?!


24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg     We're responsible for this!  We built that giant fireball!

25072137370_8936982f6c_t.jpg     Ahem.  Technically, I did.

24369951161_932640e54d_t.jpg     Leave it to the psychobabble student to try to steal credit from the engineer.

24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg     You admit it!

25072137740_cca27f30d8_t.jpg     Of course.  It's not my best work, but I'm proud of it nonetheless.

24426191796_299bf13634_t.jpg     PROFESSIONAL PRIDE!!!

24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg     I don't care who built it!  We couldn't have evacuated Rassilon first?!

24369951161_932640e54d_t.jpg     And create a refugee crisis?  We can't afford that.  Why do you think we are doing this in the first place?

24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg     All those people are going to die and it will be on us!

24369951161_932640e54d_t.jpg     Nah.  The people will just think the gods did this.  It's not like they can see the fourth wall, let alone anything past it.

24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg     I can't watch...

24369951161_932640e54d_t.jpg     Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!


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Whoops, forgot the summaries and previous episode link.

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Lovely micro. I particularly like how you evoke the yellow-and-black timber frame walls. :thumbup:  Too bad it's gone up in flames! :pir-cry_sad:

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Run Rassilonians! Oh no! They have AirPods in, they can’t hear us!!!

Great builds and dialogue pombe

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Oh oh, there goes my investment properties in Rassilon.  Neat little build. :pir-classic:


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10 hours ago, TomSkippy said:

Run Rassilonians! Oh no! They have AirPods in, they can’t hear us!!!

Great builds and dialogue pombe


Great work Pombe looking forward to what the crew is up to next. Beter stay away from The Sereen Cay!

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Sigh...where's John McClane Bruce Willis when you need him?!?!?! Poor Rassilonians... Never trust a Pirate!

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