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[MOC] Kestrel - SkyFi Plane

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The Kestrel is another of the Goodbury Mechanical's faster planes. A jet-propeller hybrid created by the engineers and innovators on the path to a true jet plane. Goodbury are leading the way on development of super fast and manoeuvrable planes and one day hope to create a true Jet Plane.

This is one of my "classic" builds: Create a whacking great engine/motive element and then strap the other bits to it. I love playing with the more metallic parts for building a super powerful looking motor. 

With that built, I added in somewhere for a pilot to sit and some wings so it would go in the sky.


This top view shows the propeller and motor through to the back jet, the whole construction is virtually a cylinder from end to end. The wings, cockpit and canopy were added a while after I had built the engine, so I chose a good colour contrast for the more brooding metallics and blacks and a canopy that added another splash. The wings were set up to match the brutal look of the engine.

I hope you enjoy this SkyFy build of mine. :classic:

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Nifty design for your turboprop sky-fi plane (I have always loved the interwar & WWII era aesthetics, so I've always been a fan of dieselpunk/sky-fi).  It very much puts me in mind of an upgraded more powerful version of the (in)famous Geebee "Flying Engine" racing plane that existed back in the 1930's.

I also like the use of that Ninjago(?) printed tile for the roundels on the wings.

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10 hours ago, Laura Beinbrech said:

that Ninjago(?) printed tile

Yes, that was from Ninjago, and is actually printed, not a sticker. I love a lot of the parts we get through Ninjago for builds like this. The Spinner Crowns are always my favourite.

Dieselpunk is my favourite of the "punks" too, so I always find myself building in the theme.

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