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Contract Missions

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Contract Missions

-A list of known / suspected insurgents and their affiliates will be randomly distributed with an award listed for each. (Points, Campaign Intel, Etc.)
-Each target will have a description listed with criteria needed to capture them and what the cost is to take on the contract. 

-Players post in this thread publicly to take on a contract.
-Players have to do a build showing their team taking the target out with the above criteria.
-Missions are Pass or Fail based on meeting the criteria required for the build
- Extreme detail required for passing regardless of size. 
-First come, First Serve.
-Each player can only do (1) Per Month.
-If one player fails to complete the mission, another player can attempt the same mission. 
-Build does not count towards side build limit.

- Build title should be formatted as (GBW) HUNT - YOUR NAME - MONTH/YEAR - TARGET #. EXAMPLE (GBW) HUNT - BEEZE - JUNE 18, TARGET 02

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Bandaud need a contract mission ... :sweet:


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