"Halgreld, a leader, a warrior, a servant. That's what I see as a good leader of all Avalonia." said a man as Halgreld left the inn. "Ay, a born leader. He's kept the small town of Eldford thriving for ten years." stated another man. I, Halgreld was born in the years of war, growing up always in defense, yet learning to control my anger at a young age. After my elder brother Heiscard  was killed in battle and my father Ingeram injured and sent back to rule over Eldford, I was in charge of looking after my two younger brothers Gerfalst and Fingarfelin. I was afterwards against war forever and only ever wanting peace for those around me. As the war surged again, I was sent to war to fight evil, yet inside there was ever growing hatred against war and harm. Upon returning from the war, I found the beautiful grasslands of Avalonia near Eldford burned and scalded by the malice of war. I returned to my home, with the crumbles of the farmyard and pastures and wreckage all around me. As I entered my old cottage dwelt in by all the former leaders of Eldford, I was relieved to see my family still alive with few injuries. As I embraced my family I decided that whatever I did, I would do out of love and not hate, solving problems through words and not warfare. All I want is peace and safety for my family and country. At first, all I committed my time to was my occupation as a farmer, trying to keep life simple and keep away from the worries of the world. As time passed though, my parents began to age and my father needed me to step up and be the leader that Eldford needed in the future. Being the eldest living son of the family, I was the rightful heir and slowly was taught all the ways in which my father lead the small town. I soon acquired the full leadership of Eldford, helped by my father whenever in a desperate situation. As Eldford began to grow in size and population, it was essential that I expanded the leaders of the village. The mayor of the hamlet Amroth being my father's fellow companion through his years of war. I learned much from his wisdom in leading people and he continually supports me up to this day. One day he suggested that I meet his daughter, saying "You two would compliment each other, she can step into the role that I have served here for years." At first I took nothing of it, as being a leader of a town at the age of thirty years is nothing new to have daughters of men suggested to you. Nonetheless here I am today married to Londaer, Amroth's daughter running the kingdom in peace and prosperity with other towns around in Avalonia. Ever growing in popularity in his own hometown besides the few naysayers, the leaders of Avalonia have began to notice how well Eldford has thrived with very few complaints coming from the people of Eldford.   (Halgreld is the one with the hobbit hair) My entry for the Avalonia Mini-Challenge, also for the HSS(REQ-Hospitality-Lodging: Inn, REQ-Military: Tower, REQ-Craftsman-General Goods: Cooper). This was a ton of fun to build and I am excited to be a part of the competition. I tried to tone down the texture on this one, but unfortunately my favorite spot of texture is hidden behind the guy sitting down. Another unfortunate thing is that the tower doesn't look as good as it does IRL, the angle of the picture makes the tudor of the tower and roof look really square and not smooth. Just know it looks really good from a higher angle. :P I hope you enjoy! C&C Appreciated! To Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour be the Glory!