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[GBW] - Escort - Alsarh - Broken Bridge Ambush

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General Map E3

In the desert of South Eastern Alsarh, Genius, Billionaire, Weapons Developer Tony Stark has demonstrated a new kind of missile to important members of the Alsarhian military and is now being escorted back to the capital.

http://47131786912_6c19848a8d_o.jpgPhoto on 23-02-2019 at 07.55 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

Their route will take them across the broken bridge crossing the Yemelyanovich Channel and heading through the woods before reaching their destination.

http://40218870133_031539793e_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.19 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

However, a group of rebels operates in this area. The Walara Dominance State or WDS who think that by acts of violence and threats they will force Alsarh to join them in the war with neighbouring Priunulia. They are poorly equipped but relatively large in number, well trained and with many ex military men among their ranks. They are led by the man known as Dusk whose face is almost completely obscured by a black mask, he is an expert tactician and marksman and wanted in numerous countries. They have gathered intel about the escort mission and hope to ambush and take Tony Stark hostage - in which time he will be forced to develop them a WMD.

http://46269616495_696c213311_o.jpgimage-2019-02-23 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://47132010432_05a396ba3e_o.jpgimage-2019-02-23-2 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

The small convoy - a 500hp Czar Enigma fitted with machine guns and a Czar TZ-35 armoured car (known as a PItbull by the soldiers as it is powerful and solidly built) with a .50 caliber Vostov machine gun begin to cross the bridge.

http://40218871893_bc53e762d1_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.24 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

One of the rebels throws a handmade grenade, he does not directly hit the target but the Pitbull loses on of its wheels. The damage is repairable but they will need to get out the mechanic while avoiding being hit by gunfire.

http://40218872353_b050d90910_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.27 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

The mechanic gets out to have a look at the damage.

http://40218872623_4a848f94b3_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.32 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

General Zaytsev and a fellow soldier get out of the vehicle and provide cover fire.

http://46459996934_bfb847c4e4_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.33 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://46459997444_4d1b14ccde_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.33 #2 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

Having lost the element of surprise the rebels are quickly picked of by the soldiers - expert marksmen with superior equipment and training.

http://46459997844_14bf03767b_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.35 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://47131777382_28b753132a_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.36 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

However in the battle one of the soldiers is hit, the first military casualty of the encounters with the militant groups.

http://47131777962_276bd2a140_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.39 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

Seeing that the Pitbull is repaired and the battle lost, Dusk flees into the forest on a motorbike.

http://47131778412_139137a576_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.42 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

General Zaytsev mourns his fallen comrade carrying his body back to the Pitbull for a proper burial in the capital.

http://47131779962_1588a10934_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.47 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

The convoy continues swiftly on its way not wanting to encounter any further trouble.

http://47131780842_8b509c8815_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.48 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

A few extra photos:

Overall view

http://47131782202_b0134b7a49_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.50 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

Broken Bridge

http://47131783832_a7e84748c9_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.51 #2 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr


http://47131784502_b350fa2cc6_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.53 #2 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr


http://47131785682_9856c67398_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.56 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

Pitbull - Interior can hold driver passenger and luggage.

http://47131785042_064b62cd1d_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 17.55 #2 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://47131786352_784bdd6605_o.jpgPhoto on 22-02-2019 at 18.40 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

Sorry I know this post and build are a little large but there were just so many details that I wanted to add. :)



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You’ve been awarded (2) points.

Judges’ comments…

Not a bad build for your first go at this. A few things I would have liked to see better overall shots of the build. Also, never really got to see your whole vehicle. Think about the pictures before you take them. Keep your perspective in mind. You might benefit from looking back through some of the older posts to see what others have done picture wise. Build wise, it was a little bit basic but we'll see where you go from here.  

 Lighting was very good on this one, but the fact the pics are so close up without giving us a sense of the full build worked against your point total here.  But it's early and we're all learning.  The terrain is extremely flat along the river/creek bed...may want to add a little bit of a rise with the dirt to show how the water washes away terrain?  Be sure to include an overview shot, even if it's hidden at the end in spoiler tags; this is good because it shows everyone what you had at the end of the post.  You can also include any thoughts, ideas, plans you had, or modifications used.

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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