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"The secret of the lake" Episode 2 ~ Fonticulus

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Episode I ~ Samson Brody

Main characters:

  • Alfie Fraunces, Sea Rats
  • Samson Brody, unaffiliated scientist
  • Jim, Alfie's first mate
  • Captain Le Faou
  • Corrington naturalist turned privateer, name unknown.


"We have no map Alfie. How do we know we are going the right way?" Jim said: "Let's go back to The Sereen Cay and plan some raids, maybe on Nova.." - "Look here lads!" Samson Brody interrupted: "Astounding this is. Truly marvelous..." Brody stopped and was looking at some flora growing at the tip the edge. The crew had been inland on the Rock for some days but had not seen any sign or clue to what might suggest the rumors were true. Alfie's crew was beginning to wonder Brody had any idea what he was looking for. "Look here: these are flowers are named Fonticulus!" The Sea-Rats stopped to take a look.

Discovery at Rock Island


"These flowers do not originally grow on this island! Someone has planted them here on purpose. They only grow in south-Corrington on Halos. This is a clear sign we are going he right way lads. Let's hurry!" And with those words the crew regained some faith in the eccentric scientist who promised treasure.  Little did they know they were being followed..


Discovery at Rock Island


The End - For now.



With this build I wanted to test on some rockwork I have seen on several images on Google/Flickr. Many thanks to all the AFOLs out there creating pirate-islands :tongue:. Any comment is welcome. Episode 3 is coming.

A better look on my attempt on rocking rockwork: 

Discovery at Rock Island


Thanks for watching! 

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