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Hello everybody, this is my first MOC presented here. Hope you will like it. ;)

I really want to build something like that for a whole year. I was playing Heroes V during Fall 2017 and I was astonished how good was the design od Inferno units. Finally found some time (and I was out of yellow parts so couldn't increase my WH40k Orkz army :P ) and started to build... and after several days it was ready. :D

Those army is inspired by many computer games I played or used to played when I was younger. Mainly Heroes V but also Disciples II (that's where the title comes from), Diablo and - of course - Khorne aspect of Chaos from Warhammer.


Imp highly inspired by basic Inferno unit from Heroes V.


Summoner. I don't remember when and where I spotted that arms technique. It was many years ago and it was bad guy from Orient Expedition: China.


Two demonic Gargoyles.


Figbarf. I'm not so sure about the black guy on the right. Basically, he seems to black for me. Need to work with him a bit, maybe add some dk red.


Chariot. I really enjoy burning mane effect I got. :)


Demonic Wyvern mounted by a Warlock.


At Flickr I was asked about another angle, thought that was good idea,so here you are.


Horned Demon that started whole army.


And the "family picture":


Check my Flickr account for more.

C&C welcome. ;)

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Very nice figs and brick built creatures.  The horned Demon is my favorite, The figs looks great.  The all black fig on the right looks pretty good to me, I love experimenting with figs and seeing where it goes.  The fire manes look awesome.  Hopefully you find something that works for your fig.  

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These are amazing! Although he is 'too' black, he does have a very Warhammer chaos-y-vibe to him, very cool! :thumbup:

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