GBW - Supporting the war effort - NEW BRICKIKA - War Medal Award

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In the capitol city of New Brickika, in front of the Unknown Soldier monument, the Prime Minister of the country Rampant Baiter, with the vice president of the government and Ambassador in Brick Of Nations Aeldor Paleseeker and the General Of The Armed Forces, Perten Silentlove, will decoratre Colonerl Hansolo Mak of the Skallax Batallion for his successful operations during the war

40190581313_1b9d97ca01_c.jpgWar Medal Award 


Colonel Mak is walking in front of his loyal soldiers

40190580343_4732d03575_c.jpgWar Medal Award 


Prime Minister Rampant Baiter pin the War Medal in the Colonel's chest

40190579863_e1b17d92e3_c.jpgWar Medal Award 

40190579463_294ecbaf66_c.jpgWar Medal Award 

46432116594_e457096fd4_c.jpgWar Medal Award 

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Judges’ comments…

Not a bad build getting back in the game but not a whole lot going on here either. This is more of a display of minifigures than a build really. Your camera work is excellent though.    

I don't think an awards ceremony requires everyone to bring their rifle...but maybe things work differently in that country?  Not a whole lot of action or events going on here, just an awards ceremony.  It's very basic, and that's not bad as you've got that down; some grass, a temple type building/pavilion, and some concrete walkway.  Maybe if you had expanded out and had more detail with grass and the surrounding area?  Maybe add a bit on the roof?  Good background, solid color works very well here and doesn't seem to wash out the color of the build, but beware your lighting.  Big dark spot on the right said.  Good start.

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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