We are in the back garden of Lord Trian Burress, in Mesodraconem. His guests are special, cause one of them is the king, and the other is his successor. They already told the lord of his beautiful garden, their journey together to here. And about Artorius' choice. - Then this is official! - said Artorius. - Let's not waste more time, Trian, my old friend. could you fetch a sword for me, during that time, I will write the document about his enthronement.
Trian shorty arrived with an ornamental sword. The document was ready, his name was also on the paper, as the witness.
- Beautiful sword, you chose well Trian. - took the sword from Trian, and take a look at it. - Now Ardo Ungar, son of... - Belarn Ungar... - completed the sentence Ardo. Artorius smiled and started again: - Ardo Ungar, son of Belarn, willing to take the Oath? - I am willing. - answered Ardo, and kneeled down. -Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of Avalonia? From the Enchanted Forest to the Green Plains of Albion? - asked Artorius. - I solemnly promise so to do. - came the answer from Ardo. - Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgments? - I will. - Then, as ruler of Avalonia, I Artorius Rex resign from the Dragon Throne, so you can take up the mantle of the kings, Ardo Ungar, son of Belarn Ungar.  To end the ceremony, Artorius raised the ornamental sword, or at least he tried, but he was too weak for this last action. - Let me help you, "old friend" - stood next to him Trian, and helped Artorius raise the sword. Then, they touched Ardo's shoulder with it, together, while Artorius ended the ceremony: - Rise Sir Ardo! Rise and take the name: King Ardo of Avalonia, first with this name! - lowered the sword Artorius, and took a deep sigh. - Long live for the King! - shouted Trian Burress too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A close up from the ceremony, and a little extra picture. Also, click here, if you missed the story, how they find Artorius Rex!