80s/90s Lego Shopvideos

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Today i spotted these uploads from a little earlier in the year - a collection of shopvideos that were made to run on a loop in stores to advertise sets. The first one is an outlier, seeming to be more of a retailer-oriented sell tape.

Add to these a couple more videos that were already floating around, and we've got a good collection of these going!

These're an interesting look into how lego was branding itself back then.

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Love all the stop motion bits, quite a few that seemingly haven't been uploaded anywhere before. The town one at 2:19 in the 1991 shop vid is my fav of the bunch, always liked the angle they often took back then with lots of the baddies being more inconspicuous looking smugglers rather than convicts running around everywhere in prison uniforms, haha.

Edit - also, may be worth pointing out here that the Western minifigure at 4:43 in the 1996 video appears to be a prototype? Early/unreleased torso printing, the gun has a hole in the barrel the final piece lacks, and there's no direct resemblance to any minifigures in the final sets.

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