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110 gun sized ship masts

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Hi, I'm currently working on a larger ship project for BoBS. (The WTC NEEEEEEDS a class 10 :pir-laugh:)

My question is, does anyone who's built large ships have suggestions for the masts? 

My scale is a bit smaller than @LM71Blackbird's LDD ship, and he uses stacks of 6222s, but that's a little economically unfeasible, and I'm not sure how structurally sound it would be out of LDD. 

The largest ship build I've seen is the USS Poseidon and it looks like it uses stacks of 6222s, and 80781s but I'd love to know what @shiplover used to make it sturdy. 

My thought is to use stacks of 85941 rotated 90º on top of each other, with a core of regular bricks, and 6222s at regular intervals.

Any thoughts on this, or ideas for how to make large, sturdy ship masts? 

I'll also add some pictures of how the ship is looking as well tomorrow. 

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Well, personally I think 4x4 round is just a bit too large for a mast, and 2x2 is simply just too thin. Here we run into the problem of not havin 3x3 round bricks. :imperialguard_commander1:

However, I have seen some people usin tile pillars as masts for the larger ships, and it uses SNOT techniques. Heres a link to a Lego Desinger video, hope this helps giving you some ideas of how you could do it.

EDIT: Here is second part, and the technique I recommend to try
Captain Becker 

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Found the missing link

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I made a Tutorial how to build 3x3 and 4x4 masts which are sturdy enough and are opened for modifications and tapering.





Take care that all gear tooth are aligned



Every track has to be on the same height.




Put 1x6 Tiles over two tracks all around. Put the tiles offset for more stability between the axle connectors!



3x3 mast (without the tiles)



And the same goes for a 4x4 mast:




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