The Golden Medallion – looking for a Photoshop expert

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A friend of mine recently gave me a near mint copy of The Golden Medallion. My son almost 3 year old son loves it, but I'm afraid he's going to tear it up if we read it together too much. So I scanned it tonight and I'd like to make a physical copy, but I need some help cleaning up the images before I can print it.
Specifically, these are some of the problems I've noticed:
  • Page 2 has a stain
  • The images are a little crooked; I could have tried to fix this, but I'd like them to be done right, and I didn't want to modify the original images in case any quality was lost in the process
  • The spine caused some minor shading toward the center of some images
  • When the book was printed, the ink faintly bled through to the other side, which stands out a lot in the scans
  • I would like to create a printable PDF of it with the appropriate margins so it can be printed double-sided and be cut down to the appropriate size, and then stapled
I've uploaded low resolution images here for everyone, but if anyone is willing to fix these up, I will send you the full 600 DPI images (over 2GB).
I'd appreciate any help I could get. Enjoy the comic!

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I found a graphic designer on Reddit who was interested in the project. He sent over a few pages today, and although he's not done yet, the results are FANTASTIC! Here's a preview of what's to come:

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I tried something out on one of your pictures,


here is the link Try out


I don´t know if you like it.

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That looks really good. I do have someone else working on it already though. Someone on Reddit messaged me about it, and he's already made a lot of progress on it.

Here's the first draft he sent me of pages 2-7:

There are a couple problems with the ones in that link, but it's still a work in progress. :classic:

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