Piecing togeather a space suit for my personal minifig character.

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Hello there. I'm in the process of making a personalized minifig and various outfits for her. The character is based around the "71010-9: Tiger Woman" collectable minifig set, and to varying degrees I'll be making use of the head, hair and tail in any of the various permutations I come up with.

In the case of assembling a space suit, I will be making use of the black version of the tail from "71021-12: Cat Costume Girl" with the idea that the black is some kind of air-tight extension of the suit for the character's actual tail. The main space themes the character would be interacting with are the ones from the 1990's, but I don't want association with any of those factions specifically, while at the same time making the black tail piece blend into the rest of the suit. I would prefer to make use of a gender-specific torso, but I am open to alternatives as well.

Does anyone here know about any torsos/legs/helmets/chest accessories that might be a good fit for what I'm trying to accomplish, and perhaps makes the attachment point for the tail blend in well?
My initial thought was to use the following pieces:
Torso: wasp suit from marvel's antman
Legs: Galaxy Patrol from collectable minifigs series 07
Helmet: earth blue helmet 87 from one of the nexo knight sets containing clay moorington

With the above set I am still looking for a good helmet visor and any sort of air tanks that might be appropriate. The earth blue option started from thinking the wasp torso was close enough to being black that the tail might work, and build around those two pieces. I'm also on the lookout for other options where the black tail would fit in more or less seamlessly.

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When figbarfing (I think that's the term for this), it helps to include pics (and part numbers so people can look them up easily on Bricklink.com) so that people will know what you are talking about.

From what I can tell, you want to do this:


But, because the tail assembly is black, which doesn't match the rest of the dark blue (that's the official name of the color, not earth blue) from the helmet, the torso, and the legs, you are looking for alternatives.

One idea is that maybe a black visor and black air tanks would work to integrate the tail with the rest of the suit.

Another would be to start with the catwoman suit and work around that, since it is black (with some purple):


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The problem with something like the catwoman suit is that there is an obvious zipper there, which to me gives the impression that it isn't airtight. I am thinking about including black airtanks, as that seems to be the most common color among the 90s space sets I'll be trying to make it somewhat blend with: SP2, M-tron, BT:FG, and spyrus all use black tanks, the only real outliers being unitron (blue) and ice planet (white), with the other factions (UFO and insectoids) not using classic air tanks at all. As for the color name I was using, that was in reference to what brickset.com calls it.

Edit: I also don't like the idea of going with one of the solid black visors, as I prefer to be able to see the character's face while it's closed.

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You could take the arms out and reverse them so that the air tank would cover up the zipper. But don't let the ultra-purists find out...:look:

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If I did that, most of the detail would be "lost" by covering it up. I'd rather just go with a forward facing torso that would give the desired airtight look.

One option would be to take a non-yellow skin-toned torso where it isn't obvious that what's showing isn't just colored coverings of some sort such as this:

Another possibility would be going with a torso meant for a licensed set where the connection isn't obvious when used with more generic pieces, such as this:

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