Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

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@de Gothia

There are a lot of great builds, and a lot of great stories.  I would, however, like to state that if I had won the last around, I would still vote for de Gothia.  As a founding member of the Guilds, I think that it's awesome he put forth his own sigfig and think that he would make the best ruler of Avalonia, builds or no builds considered.

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Alright, Round 2 is done now. By my calculations (which anyone can please verify and correct if I miscounted) the scores were:

@de Gothia 8, @TheLordOfBricks 2

@Servertijd 8, @derEselausErgste 2

So we now have three of the four semifinalists: @de Gothia, @en_zoo, and @Henjin_Quilones. This week, ending on Friday March 22nd, we just need to decide one contest before both semifinal matchups get voted on, and then we will have our finalists (who will then have to build a new scene for the finals):

@The Last of Nergoue (Sir Sarrath) vs. @Servertijd (Lord Wilfred Sigurd of Oxenfurt)


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Round 3 is over! This one was close, but I count @Servertijd 4, @The Last of Nergoue 3. I didn't vote, because it was so close I wanted to be able to break a tie if needed, but it wasn't needed.  

So we now have the semifinalists, the Final Four of Avalonian March Madness: @de Gothia, @en_zoo@Henjin_Quilones, and @Servertijd. Please vote by Friday, March 29th. 


@de Gothia (Lord de Gothia) vs. @en_zoo (Half-elf King and Queen) 

@Servertijd (Lord Wilfred Sigurd of Oxenfurt) vs. @Henjin_Quilones (Lord Cinnatus) 


In answer to en_zoo's question about how long the final round will last, I think the finalists will have two weeks to build something new, between 16x16 and 32x32, that shows the candidate being crowned King of Avalonia (and you can include a queen, if the candidate has a spouse, or comes in pairs like en_zoo's Elvish candidates). Design a new Dragon Throne for the kingdom, and place your monarch(s) on it (don't just re-hash the same throne that DC made like I did). There is a range in size to allow greater amount of detail around the throne if you so wish, or a crowd to witness the coronation, or walls and windows, or whatever the builder chooses. (And before @Grover objects, I would like to say that I only just now came up with this idea, and have not begun building nor planning a throneroom for Cinnatus yet; I was actually dreading the thought of making a build showing the new king on the throne to announce the ending of the contest, and it abruptly occurred to me that I didn't have to be the one to build that scene...) If the finalists have some reason that they could not do something adequate in two weeks, we'll extend it a bit. All four semifinalists could start building something, and then if they don't win the semis they could still post the build as a wistful dream that the candidate had - it still counts as a freebuild for the guild, after all. 

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15 hours ago, TheLordOfBricks said:

@de Gothia



Really tough to vote for this round, I assume the finals will be even tougher...

P.S. I think his username is Servertijd, not Severtijd. Small typo ;)

Ha!  I missed that looking at the tiny screen on my phone.  Thanks!  I fixed it now.

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