The festival ended. Around a campfire are Lady Eleanor, her advisor Master Vilarius, Loth Strongarm and Davos of Avalonia. Davos – "I must say, Milady, I enjoyed the festival and meeting the people of Bluevale." Lady Eleanor – "Yes, it was a joyous occasion. In no small part thanks to you and your father's generosity." Davos – "I am pleased to have been of help. The Queen's envoy has taken assessment of the needs of the Vale and its people. We will depart tomorrow and Milady can expect a convoy with many more supplies as soon as it can be arranged." Lady Eleanor – "I will speak with the envoy before he departs and give him my thanks. These supplies will greatly increase the speed at which Bluevale can recover and prosper again." Davos – " The Demon's Ridge has long stood as a buffer between Avalonia and Mitgardia's heartland. The Queen's envoy hopes a prosperous Bluevale might become a bridge between our peoples. That is something I also desire." Master Vilarius – "Wise words, young Davos. Just be advised that requests and gifts can turn to demands and tribute in a very short time." Davos – "Thank you, Master Vilarius for your advice. My father also spoke something similar. I must leave and rest for the journey will be hard." Loth Strongarm – "My... The Lady's Rangers will escort your company through the south passes." Davos – "Thank you Sit Loth. A pleasant evening Milday Eleanor and Master Vilarius." Lady Eleanor – "Well, what do you think of this turn of events." Loth Strongarm – "Avalonian aid. That might not sit well with some of the clans. We have endured and survived alone for so long." Master Vilarius – "Yet to simply survive is not enough." Lady Eleanor – "No it is not. It is my wish to see Bluevale a secure and flourishing community. To build a legacy that will persist and make our children and their children proud." Loth Strongarm – "Young Davos certainly has plans of his own." Master Vilarius -"Naturally. He too wants to find his lot in life. Hopefully his plans will converge with ours." Lady Eleanor – "And what of the Queen's envoy?" Loth Strongarm – "Unf. It seemed to me that he was more interested in whatever possible riches the Vale might contain or produce than in the people's needs." Master Vilarius – "Is that so? Then we must tread carefully.." The discussion continues for some time before the three turn in for the night.