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A MOD of the Brickbeard's Bounty

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I am normally not a big fan of the official LEGO ships and I tend to rip them away for pieces for my own ships designs.

But the 6243 Brickbeard's Bounty my sister gave me was quite nice but, like other official ships, too bulky.

I Moded it in order to add the vessel more lenghth and to add a second deck to make it more threatening with 2 batteries of guns ! :cannon: After all, a great pirate ship deserves more guns ! 

Now this ship is closer to a brig and has a better overall look IMO.

The purpose was not to alter it too much, to make it instantly recognizable despite of the modifications.

Let me know what do you think of it !





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I'm a major fan of the SNOT connected curves to serve as the root of the tumblehome. I've wanted to use those 2x2x3 slopes for some time, but you've pulled it off nicely here. Great job!



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