[COR-FB] A Superbly Stately Statehouse

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Location: Port Raleigh

Type: Small Residence/Shiplevels

With the HMS Red Angel, docked in the harbour, Captain Ansa Mesabi disembarked and walked up the hill towards a mansion now owned by her infamous brother. 


Ansa knocked on the door. She wasn't quite sure what to expect, as it had been at least 3 years since she'd seen him last.


"Hello?" asked Darby Tyler, "Who are you?"

"I'm Captain, err, Count Mesabi's sister." she said. "I figured we had some catching up to do." 


"Oh..." Said Darby. "This is awkward. He's literally never mentioned you."

"We're not super close." Said Ansa. 

"Well, I'll go grab him." Said Darby. 


"No need, Darby." Said the Count. "I was eavesdropping, because I was bored. Tell my sister to come in!"

Darby ushered Ansa in, and walked down the hallway, muttering about finances.


Ansa and the Count walked into the den, and sat down. 

"So, what have you been up to?" Asked the Count. 

"Well, I was assigned a ship. Sailed it into the Sea Rat Capital. Admiralty board was not happy about it." said Ansa. 

"Ha! I've been there. Well, I haven't, but I remember back in the Juniper War..." The Count was interrupted.

"You do realize I fought in the Juniper War, right?" replied Ansa snarkily. 

"Right. Go on." said the Count, sheepishly. 

"Anyways, than I tried to assassinate the Dread Pirate Sinbad with Strychnine poison. Turns out he's immune to it." said Ansa, referring to an unfortunate incident on a dock in Bastion.


"Wait, how is that even possible?" Asked the Count. 

"I don't #%&#ing know, he's #&%$ing Sinbad. I just went with it, and accepted his terms." said Ansa annoyed. "They let me keep most of our ships."

"What did you lose?" asked the Count. 

"Oh, just some WTC ship." Said Ansa referring to the class 7 WTC Judgement, which currently was being used to wreak havoc across the Brick Seas. 

"Not the big one, right?"  asked the Count.


"ANYWAYS" continued Ansa, avoiding the topic. "I've been dry docked for the past few months. Like I said, the Admiralty Board isn't very happy with me. I barely got permission to travel to Port Raleigh."

"Well, apparently my wife has been causing all sorts of grief with the Government, so I guess we're in the same boat." replied the Count. 

"Wait, are you still married to that lady who-" asked Ansa recalling a particularly unpleasant experience involving a cannon at a wedding. 

"Yes." replied the Count

"Even after she-" asked Ansa recalling a different but equally unpleasant experience involving the queen, a diplomat from Eslandola, and a cat.

"Yes." replied the Count

"Prometheus! No wonder you went all the way from the South." replied Ansa

"Yeah..." said the Count. "Hey, you want to get a Drink? Those Lotti in town have a place with Sake, it's booze made out of rice."


"Eh, why not. I also have that paperwork for the ship licenses you wanted. replied Ansa

"Splendid! Let's get going! Said the Count



Thanks for viewing my build! I decided to finally actually get the WTC some ship levels, and what better way to do it than to actually show the Count interacting with his family. I haven't used Ansa Mesabi much, but I thought it would be interesting to have her in the same room as the Count. 

I referenced the Sinbad incident, which I never fully resolved. :look: But I'd like to give a shoutout to @MKJoshA who let me keep most of my ships, and thus kept this character from being stuck in Bastion. 

I've also tried to tie in some other story elements with this build. You'll notice a Tiberian Puffin, from the Reckoning Storyline, along with the Count's Golden Sniper Rifle, and a Promethean Stained Glass window. Continuity is key!

Let me know what Ya'll think of this one. I tried to use some good techniques for the floors, but the walls are probably a bit bland. A lot of my pieces are tied up in my last build, which I need approved by the Court for repairs on Mesabi Landing. 

I've done a build every day for the last few days, but tomorrow I start my new job, so things will slow down from me, back to, well, the rate the rest of you build at. :pir-laugh:

As usual, C&C appreciated!


Edited by Mesabi

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You're talented with the buildings, and especially with the entrance of this one, the gate is really nice and the pavement combined with this pretty letter box add a lot of "touch"

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The overall view is less appealing, but the story is really good and I like the continuity as you point it out. The presentation of the different rooms is very well done. I see you use more techniques. I also notice you care more for the story then the actual built, but if you would give the overall built some more attention this build would really stand out. 

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Great addition to your story! I love the use of Dumbledore tiles for a rug.

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This is a nice build Mesabi, I like the three steps in the build with the building showing a nice interior. 
I think the floor technique is a good choice for this build. 
The high rooms with the ornaments really give the impression of a high status house suiting a count. 

TNT in the corridor why not :P < it's like a where is waldo with your builds, always check where is the TNT

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You tried a lot of new techniques and most came off nicely.  That sniper rifle threw me off though - I find it very discordant.  I really liked the post box and the stairwell pic with the chandelier in the foreground.

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I like how you brought together all the stories that have been going on in this one build. The photography here is my favorite part. It is hard to pose and take pictures of minifigures inside a build, but you pulled off multiple throuh the door/down a hall photos in a single build, so I am impressed. I do really love the view down the hall with the staircase. I like the banister design, the chandelier, the wood tiled floors, and the focus of the picture turned out well. 

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