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Pirates Mafia Announcement Thread!

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Welcome to an Anonymous Game on Eurobricks, subtitled Mutiny Aboard the Black Seas Barracuda.

This game will be different to any other game you've played in this forum, even if you've played a mafia game before. In order to keep things as anonymous and random as possible, please don't signal your participation in the game until the conclusion. I feel as though I should put the rules in the sign-up thread so you know what to expect:


1)    Every player has received their own character account. Make sure you do not post in thread with your normal Eurobricks account. This game is completely anonymous. You are not to disclose your participation in this game anywhere on the forums. In thread, you must not say who you actually are.

2)    In addition, it is a bit of an honor rule that you do not share who you are to any other player, even if they are on your team, in private. There is no way to successfully enforce this rule, and I don’t encourage people running and snitching if someone has done it.

3)    You are either a Loyal Pirate or an Imperial Soldier. The town need to eliminate the scum and the scum need to outnumber the town. Any third party characters have their own win conditions.

4)    A game day will last 72 hours. You may vote after the first 24 hours of the day. Once the day is over, you will have 24 hours to send in a night action if this applies to you. Nights will last at most 48 hours. Do not talk about the game outside of the day thread.

5)    The alignment of players who have been lynched, as well as those who may have died during the night, will be revealed at the beginning of the next day. The person playing the character that died will not be revealed until the end of the game.

6)    You may not quote or pretend to quote anything sent to you by the game host via PM. This includes the details of your character and role, as well as any night action results. Role claims and reporting of night action results are acceptable, but in your own words only. 

7)    If you die, you may not post in thread or discuss the game with any players. Any information you had is null and void and is not allowed to be passed on under any circumstances. There will not be a deadboard and even when you die, you are not to reveal your identity or reveal your participation. You will find out who played who at the end of the game

8)    Don’t edit your posts, please.

9)    Please post in every day thread. If something comes up, please come to me privately and let me know. 

10)    Try to be nice to your fellow players. This is a game on a LEGO forum.

Once again, DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD! If you would like to participate, please PM me privately. The game will be unique, in which players will have absolutely no idea who is actually playing. Even if you don't want to play for whatever reason, don't post in this thread about your intentions not to play. 

There's no real questions that you need to answer, just be available to participate and promise you won't break the rules. I have a lot of classic pirate minifigures so there's no limit on people participating. If you haven't played mafia in a very long time because you're scared of being metagamed, this is the perfect game for you. If you're a newer and want to try out a new style of playing, this is the perfect game for you. I encourage everyone playing to completely mix up their playing style for this game! 

To any administrator, please lock this thread and delete any posts that might be in here. Thanks!

Once again, please PM me if you'd like to participate! 

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As a note, there's still a fair amount of spots left! 

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Just waiting on creating the new accounts and for more people to join! Still plenty of space available! 

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