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        Oh I just learned this will be my 100th post. This is also my second MOC Here.I am still getting used to my new camera so I'm sorry if the photos aren't the best. Once again I appreciate all feedback. Here Is Po-Scorpio

46006187505_307634a0d9_k.jpgIMG_20190129_131716946 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

      Po-Scorpio is a giant species of omnivorous Scorpio Rahi that inhabits the central arid regions. It is territorial and aggressive beware all Toa who cross it's path though it's slower mind might allow you to out smart the beast. Here is a close up of it's face

39955570003_92f594af36_k.jpgIMG_20190129_132210360 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

     The Beast attacks with pincers and a fearsome tail with poison laced stings and claws.

46195500794_1ba067d232_k.jpgIMG_20190129_132217447 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

46006260695_0b085078c1_k.jpgIMG_20190129_143940116 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

     The Po-Scorpio generally skitters upon four pairs of legs. One small and lanky and a second which is larger.

31979437797_8524e9d390_k.jpgIMG_20190129_143955552 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

     But Like a bear the Po-Scorpio can rear up on the back of it's stinger tail, like a third leg. It's legs also work together to help support it's body

39955567283_62a6c3c73f_k.jpgIMG_20190129_132028725 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

39955568623_a1000f1539_k.jpgIMG_20190129_132037401 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

     Here is a size comparison between It in both of it's pose compared to one of the few Gen 2 sets I haven't taken apart for Mocs. Gali Uniter of Water

46920350691_8ee202e856_z.jpgIMG_20190129_131819457 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

46195499534_becdf102a6_k.jpgIMG_20190129_132155646 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

     Much Like the Mammut-Kal This fearsome beast is hunted by men for sport and out of fear. I's environment is hostile of living however, so habitat loss isn't much of a threat as it is to the massive Pachyderm. 

46920370441_3350578c74_z.jpgIMG_20190129_132817783 by Dark Maste, on Flickr

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