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[MOC] 9V-Era Layout

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Some of you may recall a few months back that I posted an LDD MOC of a locomotive using only parts from the 9V-era (linked here).  Since then I have built the locomotive in real bricks, along with a layout using the same premise: to examine what I could build using only bricks that I already have, all of which are from before around 2005.  If you compare it with the render in the original post, you'll notice that the engine has been modified to look more American than European, and the coaches have been elongated.  The base is a 4' x 4' piece of plywood; if anyone is interested, Krylon Gloss Emerald Green is a very close match to Lego green.

45997688145_5b17e044f3_c.jpgIMG_0662 by the chestertonian, on Flickr

33036900348_c9bb366405_c.jpgIMG_0663 by the chestertonian, on Flickr

33036898758_0956083b90_c.jpgIMG_0664 by the chestertonian, on Flickr

45997697065_4311c00a49_c.jpgIMG_0670 by the chestertonian, on Flickr

The layout is set in the early 20th century as the west is beginning to settle down.  The town of Brick Butte fell on hard times after the local Army post was disbanded in 1896.  Fifteen years later, there is little left but a few buildings (some built from materials salvaged from the abandoned fort) and a few dozen residents.

45997694265_ed9cb5d8ea_c.jpgIMG_0665 by the chestertonian, on Flickr

I'll introduce you to some of the prominent citizens:

Count DuCoup moved to America after his nation's defeat in the Franco-Prussian War, and eventually settled in Brick Butte.

45997693145_57e9ce8ccf_c.jpgIMG_0666 by the chestertonian, on Flickr

Hank Solo, as usual, is engaging in some shady transactions...

45997692095_dd7575fd49_c.jpgIMG_0667 by the chestertonian, on Flickr

Sheriff Quentin G. Jensen and his deputy, Juan Quenobi, patrol the dusty streets.

45997690875_d8efaa22c8_c.jpgIMG_0668 by the chestertonian, on Flickr

Retired Major General Ben Caine O'Bee trains his young neighbor in the use of the cavalry saber.

45997689755_d625134bd0_c.jpgIMG_0669 by the chestertonian, on Flickr

Meanwhile, state senator Paul P. Dean visits the town in his newfangled motorcar...

33036892318_336f4033df_c.jpgIMG_0672 by the chestertonian, on Flickr

Finally, here's a video of the train running around the layout.  Thanks for looking!

Soli Deo Gloria

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