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[MOC] - Doctor Who: Riding the shark...

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Christmas might be over, but the next one is just around the corner,isn´t it?

Are there any Doctor Who fans here?This moc was inspired by the 2010 episode "A Christmas Carol" which takes a lot of inspiration from the Dickins original but not without adding a good chunk of Whovian scifi elements.

Notable scenes include a flying shark that is later put in front of a rickshaw to pull it through the air with ease.

The MOC contains said giant shark with the rickshaw tied to it and the Doctor piloting while young Kazran and Abigail are having the time of their lives.









Hope you guys like it, comments are welcome.


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While not familiar with the source material, that is a great little cart build. It’s nice & compact...while being able to fit two minifigs side by side. Nice work.

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Loved that Christmas special! Definitely one of the best in New-Who. Great MOC! If they made a whole DW Lego line, this would make a great set. 

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