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Get-Together Weekend in Leipzig for train enthusiasts / Bauspielbahn 2019

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Dear LEGO® Train Fans,   (You can found a german translation here.)

We’re planning a new event for lego train fans, who want to be different then other lego train exhibitions and so we're proud to present the “Bauspielbahn 2019” in Schkeuditz, a town next to Leipzig, Germany. Schkeuditz is next to the Leipzig airport and it’s easily accessible via the Autobahn A9 and A14.

"We" - these are a handful of lego train fans from leipzig. In last five years we were part of a lot of lego and model train exhibitions all over germany. But now it's time to cook our own soup and we want to make some different like other train shows. 

the 'Bauspielbahn 2019' will take place from 14th to 16th June and is primarily intended as a event for LEGO railway fans to get to know each other, assemble a huge common layout and to play togetherThe exhibition will be open for the public on 15th and 16th .

Welcome is the entire range from 4.5V to the new Powered up, from the more classical station to the shrill fantasy landscape. As a single model or contribution to the common layout.
For the joint layout, the assembly is planned for Thursday (13th),  single layouts/mocs can be build up on Thu or Fri. Over the days, we’ll do sightseeing, have  barbecue in the evening (depending on the weather) and introduce every tourist trap in Leipzig to you.
You can camp on the enclosed grounds or park a caravan there (toilet on the premises available, shower unfortunately not); Hotels in different price categories are  available in Schkeuditz, we are happy to help you with addresses.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, should any occur.


Invitation to a Train Enthusiasts Weekend

From 14.06. to 16.06.2019


We would like to use the weekend to assemble a common train layout, with LEGO fans from everywhere contributing their modules. Anyone can take part, as long as the segments meet the requirements listed below. A prior registration is necessary to enable us to plan the layout of the railway. Any kind of modules with e.g. train stations, connection tracks or just regular tracks, landscapes etc are welcome. (Maybe you know the modelrailroad - Meetings like FREMO - or others.)

  4318-1547391496.jpg  4318-1547391421.jpg

pictures are from our lastest exhibitions. but the layout of the get-together-weekend / Bauspielbahn 2019" will look some different, of course.



 We have gained the opportunity to use the Historic Tram Depot Schkeuditz as fitting venue to assemble our modules. It’s not just its history that makes the old depot a fitting location, but also its size. The available hall area is about 1000 m2 and well lit by skylights.

4318-1548367280.jpg   4318-1548367293.jpg



The event will be open to the public during the weekend. Aside from spectating the traffic on the main installation, visitors will also be able to see single exhibits with models or segments that couldn’t be integrated.


Common layout

We will be contributing multiple segments to combine with yours for a large installation with diverse train routes.

Modules that fit our specifications would be appreciated, but are not necessary.

The detailed methods of construction and basic requirements will be published during the next few weeks.

However, segments with differing designs can still be utilized.


The main routes of the common layout will consist of 9V tracks, operated with the classic speed regulators.

Multiple electrically separated routes are planned, to allow for power supply for the individual modules and to enable the simultaneous operation of multiple trains.


Non-electrified tracks can, depending on the available amount, be used for connection tracks or individual routes. The same applies to 12V tracks. Differing types of tracks could also be connected via train stations.

Every module of the collaborative layout will require at least one track with possible connections to other modules, ideally on multiple sides. Exceptions are welcome, but need to be agreed upon on an individual basis.  

 However, the final layout can only be determined after all participants have registered.



Individual modules and installations.

Any model related to trains is welcome and can be displayed on additional tables.

 4318-1547391455.jpg  4318-1547391434.jpg



Participants can register with their name and a short model/modular description until Sunday, 31.03.2019 at We reserve the right of admission.

To allow for the best possible planning we require specific information from you. After initial registration we will send you a form for the specifics of your modules. Please fill it with all the information about your contributions and send it back to us.


I hope we will see us in June.

Michael / MTM



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