[MOC] “Challenger” The Supercar

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EDIT: Improved Interior



I’m a big fan of medium-size models.

Ever since the first appearance of the curved panel (part 18944), I’ve been planning to make something out of it. And it couldn’t be more suitable than putting it on a supercar.

Finally, presenting my first ever supercar - the Challenger.




This MOC is equipped with 56 x 28 tires, making it a roughly 1:11.5 scale model. 

It’s really challenging to design a bodywork with complex curves for a supercar at this scale, hence the name Challenger






Normally wheel arch made of liftarms has flexible axles inside, but I choose to use rigid hose because its slightly better than soft axle in terms of keeping shape when the desired curve is short and subtle.

Together with the curved panel, they create a beautiful silhouette.




Even though this MOC looks like a Porsche, and indeed it is mainly based on Porsche design, but it is not a Porsche.

Especially when you look at the rear end, its definitely not a typical Porsche style.

Actually the whole bodywork referenced several car brands, its more of a combination of all my favorite parts from different design styles along with some of my own thoughts.






It is powered by 2 L motors, and steered by servo motor.






Front suspension is a conventional independent suspension; rear suspension is a multi-link suspension which incorporates what is called a Watt’s link. It works just like a Panhard rod, but slightly different from Panhard rod.









Due to limitation of the size, I really couldn’t put everything I want into this MOC.

One big problem is the seat. Since the motors take too much interior space, the seats have to sit high on the motors, while in a real car they are much closer to the floor. And they don’t look like racing seats.

Secondly the rear suspension is really stiff and suspension travel is short, so it couldn’t take full advantage of the Watt’s link.

Also the absence of working headlights and taillights and the noncontinuous curve of this liftarm-made wheel arch are the compromises I have to make.


Anyway, I’m basically satisfied with this MOC, it’s a good start of creating motorized medium-size supercar for me.






Hope you guys like it  :classic:

And happy Chinese New Year!















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When I red Challenger, I have thought it is this model


But I see now that you mastered Challenge of curvy bodywork very well :thumbup:

Happy New Chinese Year of Pig (4717)

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Great Job. I am increasingly attracted to this scale supercar. After my 3T sedan, and my current Sports Car, it's great to see an excellent design at this scale to help me come up with new ideas. Hopefully we can see more at this scale from others too.

Looking forward to more...

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Wow - realy nice lines in the body. Maybee the drive performance can be increased beeing a supercar ;-)  Do you plan to release more details / an instruction?

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I am very impressed! Great lines, especially from the back and the side. Maybe a bit more curvature around the front lines would be even better. Seems a bit to square in the corner, but nevertheless - it is a great model and quite a rare scale for a supercar.

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Very nice job, I love this kind of rational placement of functions / motors and compact design of the chassis :thumbup:! One more suggestion regarding the color combo: the decent blue line could be continued in front and rear sections and perhaps add to the overall harmony.

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What I do like is your design evolves every time, I will admit at first I was Meh, but the MOC certainly has grown on me now to  a point that I really do like it.

The watts linkage / rear end is very well executed, there are no huge voids that you see on some MOCs. Can't wait to see this moc in another colour scheme

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Guys, thanks for your comments and advices.

I’m working on a major improvement of the interior, including the drivetrain and the seats. I rarely do further optimization for a published MOC, but this one shows a great potential to be a better MOC.

So stay tuned!

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Hey guys, I have completed the MOD.

My goal is to rebuild a better seat, so I have to find out a way to reposition the propulsion motors to make room for the new seats.


This is the original model:


First idea came to my mind is to rotate the motor 90 degrees so it could be lowered 1 stud, and let the seat sit on the flat side of it.

It came out like this:


It’s definitely a better solution, but the seat still looks small and not quite authentic.

So I decided to push it to the extreme: move the motors forward, then put the gears behind the seats, and make the driveshafts pass through the seats.

It turns out to be feasible:






Now this could be called a significant improvement. 

Though the ideal location for the seat should be 1 stud downwards and 1 stud backwards, this is the best I can do.




The improvement comes with a trade. There is a speed loss due to gear change. But this is as far as I am willing to spend more time on it.

It’s a tough job to balance aesthetics and functionalities for a motorized supercar at this scale. I think it well deserves the name “Challenger”.



Hope you like the change!

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Great design and nice mods!! For your first supercar I think you’ve done a smashing good design. I’m especially fond of the rear suspension and how you’ve fit it all so compactly in a small scale. 1 Buwizz would work well to get more performance out if it, great work :thumbup:

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Superb MOC! Admire the quality of work and photos! Very pleasant!

Thanks for sharing this beauty!

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