Previously   Book III - Challenge II Laesonar's Saga Episode 10 - Bread, Water and Drums   The wheel squeaked loudly as Laesonar turned it to pull up the bucket. Armin was in awe looking at the plants all around the well.  'How does the vegetation grow back so quickly in this place,  Mr. von Jeff?'  'It's the soil of great Avalonia, master Paladin, as you might've heard.'    'Well, I surely didn't expect such a quick growth! It hasn't been long that the water is back!'  'Speaking of which, my Lords, I don't think I've thanked you enough yet for bringing the water back to the lake.'  Having quenched his thirst, Laesonar pulled his face out of the bucket and some water dripped on his neck as he replied to the old man.  'Actually, Mr. von Jeff, you have. Around a thousand times. And it wasn't even necessary, we're happy to help.'  'That's right. We're happy to see the natural balance restored. We should now look into the fish disappearance and...'  'My Lords!' A voice reached them suddenly.  'Sir Humborth, good day. Any news from Albion on this fine day?'    'I do bring news actually, my Lords. Through Albion, directly from Cedrica. The Queen wishes for every Lord in Historica to organise an occasion, with all kind of celebrations. She'll reduce taxes to all those who do while having Avalonian grain brought to all those in need. The costs for the latter covered by the royal treasure.'  The unexpected news brought a moment of silence. Jeffrey was the first to break it.  "Well, we don't have much to celebrate with. Nor that many people. We've barely just got the water back and Laelariel doesn't even have a lord at the moment!'  Armin thought out loud.  'It sounds like a Bread and Circus strategy. It makes me wonder. What do you think, Laesonar?'  The half-elf seemed dazed, his eyes closed.  'Laesonar, is everything all right?'  'Hhmmm... yes. I am... remembering something.' He paused. 'The Queen... the red haired, you mean?'  Sir Humborth was taken aback by such question.  'Oh, er... yes. That would be her. How do you...'  Laesonar lightened up. 'Right. I remember now. What charm! We definitely can't ignore the polite request of such charming lady! Let us get ready for the feast, Gentlemen!'  Again, a moment of silence. Again, Jeffrey broke it first.  'Ahem... Master Half-elf, you met the Queen before?'  'I certainly did. Sir Humborth's words brought back memories. I cannot tell how I got there and why, but I definitely remember having a drink with her. She wasn't interested, unfortunately.'  This time the moment of silence lasted longer, everyone speechlessly looking at Laesonar, while he plunged his face back into the bucket to drink more.   An uncertain smile slowly appeared on Armin's face.  'Laesonar, you... chatted the Queen up?'  'As I said, my friend. But you know my memories aren't exactly.. well.. chronological. But let us not waste any more time, shall we? Mr. von Jeff, isn't a lake full of water a good enough reason to celebrate?'  'It certainly is, my Lord, but..'  'And Sir Humborth, when exactly is that grain to arrive?'  'Oh, er... a cargo from Albion with an escort from Cedrica should be here in two days, but..'  Laesonar was walking fast towards the city centre. Everyone snapped out of their astonishment and followed him.  'Where are you going now, my Lord?'  'Back to the city hall. I'm pretty sure I spotted a drum there, the other day.'  'A drum, my Lord?'  'Yes, a drum. No drum, no party; am I not right? It'll be bread, water and drums.'    TASK I – Bread    'Well it looks like we got this grain and bread into the right place at the right time, the city was really in need!'  'We did indeed. The Queen will be happy. But where's the captain? I haven't seen him for a while now...'        TASK II – Water and Drums      'What's with the facial painting?!'  'I always do that when I drum. It gets me more into the rhythm, if you know what I mean.'  'Oh.. Sure, I guess.'      TASK III – Plot?    'So, captain... Are you enjoying your new position?'  'Yes m'Lord. Thank you, m'Lord.'  'Now, let's see. You'll hand this one over to my man in Albion, while this one... This goes to you-know-who directly in Cedrica. Make no mistake.'  'No m'Lord, of course not.'  'You'll make sure not be seen.'  'm'Lord, I've never been, m'Lord.'      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yesssss! First time ever I manage to meet a deadline here on GoH! I'm glad  So there are a couple of things I'm not satisfied with, I'll start with those. I hadn't planned those roofs from the beginning, they turned out to be much bigger than I wanted and almost exactly squared  I chose dark tan for the 'beach' as I thought it'd go well with Rb, but it gives the lake a very murky aspect, which wasn't my intention. The water effect can't really be seen in the pic (there are actually 3 types of blue under the trans tiles), I guess I need something bigger for that. Finally, Rb legs aren't a good choice on a Rb terrain... With the rest I'm relatively satisfied with. I was interesting in seeing how I could go from cobblestone to dirt, the result is decent, I reckon. As for the photography, I got myself a soft-light set, which enabled me to take nice shots with a low ISO. Unfortunately it also created quite a lot of shadows, which I didn't know how to avoid and which I had to eliminate manually when editing (it can be seen with a zoom in on the main pic ). Yet I reckon it's been an improvement. In case you're wondering what that link is, Laesonar actually met the Queen  It's offcial lore, as you can check here, in particular 'Part VII: At the Grand Griffon Tavern', pages 192-194. Credits to @Henjin_Quilones for the story and @TitusV for the full recap, as you probably already know. C&C most welcome as usual, thanks for reading ^^    NOTE TO THE JUDGES: the build for Task I is on a 18x22 base. The one for Task III is a 16x30. Both are separable from the bigger one, which is 64x64 minus the base of Task III (see extra pic below).