How Does Buwizz compare with PFX Brick or SBrick?

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HI, I wonder if anyone has some experience with using buwizz with Lego trains? I am attracted by the small form factor and the opportunity to design profiles, but over 120 Euros is a lot to risk without asking advice here ...


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From my minor experience, it's a nice piece of hardware but the UI for trains is awful. Cale (of Brick Model Railroader) has said similar things and I think a better train UI is on the "to do" list.

PFx is great, but the steam sound profile is more suited to smaller engines (max small 2-8-0). My phone (Samsung S7) didn't pick it up via Bluetooth until the firmware update in November last year, despite having it over a year by that point. Best for a MOC with a lot of lighting. 

S-Brick has the best UI IMHO - very customisable, easy to connect multiple motors together and unlike the PFX occupies a 'logically' sized floor space (4x4 studs instead of 4x5, 4x7 w/ light board).

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I am very happy with my BuWizzes. Combining battery and receiver, they are indeed very compact and allow for otherwise impossible designs.
Besides, due to the four voltage modes, both very careful shunting (in "slow" mode) and really fast running on track (in "ludicrous" mode) are possible.

The UI is not brilliant, but completely sufficient for my taste. I don't need colourful, fancy gimmicks, just a few independent speed sliders, and that's what it offers.

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I have both, BuWizz and S-Brick. I can confirm the remarks about the BuWizz’s UI, but the advantages weigh way more higher!

For S-Brick you need a battery box or the rechargeable battery, which in total consumes more space than a BuWizz.

With BuWizz I powerfunctionized my old 12V TEE (=Set 7740) and because of the ludicrous mode it runs reasonably well.






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