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[MOC] - Persian Ostrich Cart

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Who doesn´t love cool Lego animals and creatures?As for me,i´m always on the hunt for molded Lego animals and a while ago i got this cool little ostrich and a minifig of which both seem to come from the same set.
While i was playing around with my Lego ostrich on my desk i thought how cool it would be if the large bird pulls a neat little cart for a minifig to sit in and so it came to live:

Persian Ostrich Cart

hese persian ostrichs are specially bred and are strong enough to pull a covered wooden cart for very long distances,even able run a fair distance when the situation requires it.




The cart holds and shelters one minifigure and the rear even has a trunk to store the minifigs belongings.In front of the minifig a crossbow is mounted to fend off attacking individuals on horse or foot.
The drapes and the roof protect from the harsh sun and rain.






Hope you guys like it.Comments are welcome.

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Thanks,glad you like it. The drapes are one of my favorite bits of this MOC aswell.Scavenged them from a Lego Friends set.

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I always loved that ostrich mold, you made really great use of it. I like the drapes especially, I always love it when people use some colorful elements in their builds.

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