For the Glory of Corrington! An Enduring Free Build Challenge

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I didn't really expect it, but this whole thing has really rekindled by building spirits - and those of purchasing Lego as well! Not only did I finally start assembling Ninjago City Docks, but also got me the Dragon Boat Race today. :innocent:

What does any of this have to do with GoC you ask? Well there is this Lotii task, and I want to do some builds that fit both BotBS as well as the Ninjago City look. I want them to permanently stand next to the Docks once all of them are done. And the Docks should be a nice background for some BotBS shots too.

So yeah, while I will of course not use bought builds as entries for anything in BotBS that is to be licensed, I will make heavy use of these sets and some others from the Ninjago line. Really looking forward to what it ends up to be - as usual I have more ideas than is good for me. :pir-grin:

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