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It looks slightly weaker than the project, but it's not a let down by any means. I don't mind the brighter colour, I just think the treetop should be a bit bigger. But I like the idea of changing leaves, so that's at least a fair trade off. The stairs are rather weird but I guess there had to be some clearance for the picnic area (which is absolutely lovely BTW); it'll probably look better at a different angle.

Now it's just waiting for the reveal and more pictures, but I already know it's a must buy for me :excited:

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32 minutes ago, Calunca said:

It's not sure that the piece count  is true because when 21318 Tree House was confidential yet on that site, had a wrong piece count if I remember correctly.

That's exactly the piece (and minifig) count of the original ideas version.


If the price is correct, it's definitely not true. 


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