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[MMM] Merrynight Mini-Challenge - Voting

Merrynight Mini-Challenge 2018  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Which entry do you like most? (one vote per person)

    • "Merrynight Celebrations in Jameston" (Ayrlego)
    • "The Guemain Hunt" (Ross Fisher)
    • "Merrynight in the homeland" (Keymonus)

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The latest Merrynight Mini-Challenge is over, now it is time to vote!


We have three entries. In order of posting:

  1. "Merrynight Celebration in Jameston" by @Ayrlego
  2. "The Guemain Hunt" by @Ross Fisher
  3. "Merrynight in the homeland" by @Keymonus


For judging these builds, remember the challenges set-up and criteria:

On 11/27/2018 at 12:23 PM, Drunknok said:

Tell a story about at least one of your characters celebrating Merrynight, and illustrate it with a build!

Tell about your characters motivation and/or history to celebrate just the way it does. The build can be located anywhere in the Brick Seas - you are not restricted to land-based properties licensable for the EGS. The celebrations could be held in the Old World, on a ship, or on the beach of a currently uninhabited island!

Feel free to interpret this in creative ways. In case of any questions, either ask in this thread or PM me directly.



  • Winners will be determined by public vote after the 10th of January 2019; each registered BotBS player has one vote.
  • Judging criteria are: quality and creativity of the MOC as well as the quality of writing and creativity in the story alongside it.


Voting will be public, with the poll being open until the 27th of January 2019 - if it is the 27th anywhere on the world, you will still be able to vote. Please note that voting for yourself will disqualify your entry.

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We have some first results already. There is still more than a week left though, so keep voting!


P.S.: I will not be around between the 22nd and early/mid February, so the conclusion of this might take a bit longer.

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I am back. :classic:


Despite one "illegal" vote, @Ayrlego won this mini-challenge. Congratulations, well done! I will contact you shortly concerning our prize.

Second place goes to @Ross Fisher, with only one vote ahead of @Keymonus on third place. Congratulations to both of you, I will transfer the prize money to your accounts in a minute the prize money is already transferred to you.

Edited by Drunknok

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