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[O5 - Junction - CS] Junction Murder

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Mick took his team to Faerie Junction next. An Imperial remnant had claimed this world as its own. But as there was no official statement from the New Republic on this particular fragment of its former enemy, CorSec was free to intervene in galactic affairs that may take place on the planet's surface. Intelligence gathered at Bothawui indicated unrest in one of the cities. Hoping for a chance to see if CorSec could do some good, Mick and his team landed just outside the city limits. After hearing a call for local Imperial security to get involved in an incident Mick took Kortan, a Kiffar, with him to investigate.


Mick: "Kortan, we're here to help solve a security case if we can, but we also need to find out what this city's feelings towards the Empire are. However, we must be careful not to start an incident. Remember your training."


Mick and Kortan approached the scene of what seemed to be a murder.


Kortan: "Excuse my officers, may I lend my assistance?"

Imperial Droid: "This is a matter for Imperial security, move along."

Kortan: "My apologies, let me introduce myself. I am Kortan Vos, the famous CorSec investigator? What? You've never heard of me! Allow me to show my skills and you will soon join the chorus of those singing my praises."


Imperial Officer: "No, that's quite alright. We have this under control. But you may observe the power of the Imperial forces at work. Perhaps you'll learn a thing or two."

Mick was impressed. Kortan had skillfully planted them into the situation by appealing to the Imperial's bruised ego. His pupils were learning much from their training and it was making him proud.

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Really nice work! Love the tan slopes on each side of the road, it looks quite natural as the water would sort of run off like that. I like the architecture of the buildings and the inclusion of the aqua plates - although the ones perpendicular to the wall with studs outwards don't look as good as the ones integrated into the wall itself.

Enjoying your story too!

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builts seems always clean and uncluttered whatever the technics used

I never succeed to have such a clever render even if I posted the most simple I can do.

Thoses crackled walls are wonderful and looks like very simple builts...


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Good story and nice collection of figs. Also like to see big, expansive builds like this.

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