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Help ID part on Inthert's Y wing

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I'm trying hard to reverse engineer Inthert's Y wing (it can be seen here: 

He says that his version is heavily based on Brickwright's version, but honestly it's quite more complex.

I've managed to build the engines, cockpit (he posted images of the build), and most of the fuselage, but I'm stuck, especially because there is this one part I can't identify.

So I would be extremely grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. The part I'm talking about is the kind of "spring" that can be seen under the 4l reddish brown bar and 1x4 panel in the image below.

BTL-A4 Y-wing - Astromech Socket Detail

I really hope someone here will be able to help me, thanks!

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17 hours ago, Skyler Ruble said:

Do you happen to have a parts list for Inthert’s Y-Wing? I’ve found his X Wing, but I can’t find one for his Y Wing

It's basically Brickwright's Y-wing body with his own mods, and he's posted instructions for the "head" so you can reverse engineer from that.

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