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Hello to all technic fans.


Since I got a BuWizz, I always wanted to make a buggy car.

And here is the result.



My concept buggy from KTM 

The inspiration for the design came from the original concept of KTM AX buggy.

It is not the same look and design, it was only ispiration for my build.










It is driven by 2 PF L motors geared up with 20 to 12 gears. It is rear drive with diferential.

Steering is with 1 PF servo motor.

Lights are 2 pair of PF LED ligts.

It is fully independent suspension.


I also made a lifting roof for easier access to the BuWizz box for charging and switching.








Due to its low weight it is very agile and fast. It is realy fun to drive with this litle buggy.

Realy big thanx goes to BuWizz for this briliant magic box,

and also respect to mister imurvai for his briliant solution for game controler. 

And the video.


Thanx for reading and watching.

Best regards, Valter

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Really cool MOC. Especially I like the very geometrical shapes. Only the cabin hood looks a little fragile.

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In fact, some month ago, inspired also by KTM AX concept, I got this far 


It is not disassembled yet, just waiting for further inspiration.

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Nice work my friend. Small fast cars are always fun. I especially like the looks of the rear end with lights on, but I must admit that I'd try something different with front lights. Nonetheless, very cool build.

Best regards,


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