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Feuer Zug

Train Shed & Layout

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I got the 3 way switch from TrixBrix and couldn't really think of what to do with it until I thought about building an engine shed. Using spare parts from lots of garage & trunk sale purchases, I came up with the building shown below. It has a 48x60 stud footprint. It encompasses 3 bays, with one being a full run through. The middle bay is long enough to hold the Emerald Night and tender, barely. The small bay can hold a diesel engine on a normal 28 stud long frame. In the machine shop section, there is a hydraulic press, band saw, and lathe (all based on Brick Mania designs) as well as my own drill press. Storage and other parts can be found around the train shed, to include an oxy-acetelyne setup and wheeled toolbox. The middle track has an overhead gantry crane as well.








This is the layout I currently have. It consists of a diverse section of industry, town, and other elements. There are 4 passenger stations including the infamous Platform 9 3/4 (Upper middle behind the Town Hall). One station is based on the American midwest (upper right corner). It lights up with a battery powered LED setup in the roof. The Emerald Night with a second class coach MOC is taking on water. The German styled Haupbahnhof is in the lower left and has an ICE and RB on Gleis 1 & 2. A platform station is located to the right of the hauptbahnhof is generic enough that it could be anywhere. The newest passenger train is stopping there. Between the two is a yard with a car loading facility for the autorack. There are two intermodal facilities in the upper section along with a small grain elevator and warehouse.


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Nice layout! I really like the SNOT doors on the shed - you've given me some inspiration for the (much smaller) shed I've been planning.

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Posted (edited)

I'm so jealous of your "space" lol fine looking build and plenty of trains.   Looks like it could be a fun operation session. 

Any chance for better pictures of your "tool room" on your shed

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