Looking for a Classic Space Moonbase to fit limited display space?

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Greetings all. 

In the wake of the new Classic Space stuff being released as part of TLM2, I'm starting to think that I, as a relatively new AFOL (really a TFOL), should be interestd in tracking down part of such an iconic part of Lego history.

I have already purchased the 4+ Emmet and Benny Workshop set (for the Classic Space ship mostly, though the actual workspace area is going into a MOC) and . . well, I would have purchased Benny's Space Squad, but someone (or, really, a lot of someones) bought up the entire stock on Shop@Home. So I suppose I'll have to wait until the folks in Denmark can compensate for demand, but I do intend to get it.

Of course, this leaves me with a problem; I will have ships and rovers, but no actual Classic Space Moon-/Asteroid-/Wherever-the-hell-in-Space-Base. I do have some display space open on a high shelf, though; enough for one baseplate with some things hanging over the edge on one side. 

Which brings me to my question; who here is an experienced purveyor of Classic Space who could point me to an appropriate set? Preferably containing some sort of base of operations, at least some room for a ship (though not necessarily including a ship, as I already have that covered) and, necessarily, mostly fitting on a single baseplate?

Or would I be better off either MOCcing something or waiting and hoping that the second and third waves of TLM2 sets include a new Classic Space moonbase?

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I would say I am in a similar boat of discovering Classic Space and, from some research, I might be able to help.

Luckily, most of the Classic Space base sets are smaller, so they should be able to fit.

Here are your options for official sets (Roughly smallest to largest):

483 Alpha-1 Rocket Base

493 Space Command Center

6930 Space Supply Station

6951 Robot Command Center

6970 Beta I Command Base

6971 Inter-Galactic Command Base

6972 Polaris I Space Lab (Futuron with Classic Space minifigures)

Otherwise, you could probably buy one of the crater baseplates and MOC something on it. I have a feeling we will get something Classic Space related in the summer wave, but it might just be Benny's new spaceship.

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