Happy 30th Anniversary PIRATES!

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6 hours ago, eldiano said:

We are all out of touch, IMHO, we are clinging to good old memories this line has brought us over the years.

While this is true in my case, some members here weren't even born until after LEGO discontinued Pirates original run. 

6 hours ago, eldiano said:

Lego is a corporation that have to makes ends meet

If you've read their annual reports, you'll have observed The LEGO Group is making quite a generous gross profit, so far from "making ends" meet.

Indeed, the company was in a precarious financial situation in the late 90's and early 2000's, but that's well behind them.

Several years back, they hired consultants to determine how to optimize profits, the outcome of which has been highly successful.

I feel this is somewhat to the detriment of Pirates as they've only released tested set concepts for recent pirate waves, rather than exploring new ideas which were absent from the original pirate sets.

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Of course it has been successful, like everything you said is what makes Lego a relevant player in the business, i venture in other toy lines who clearly can’t say that’s the case for them, rather than produce mass amounts of toys they stick by pre orders to get an accurate count of production, hence why toy collecting has skyrocketed, i mean i never complain about lego pricing because my main focus is Soul of Chogokin figures and hot toys, which rival lego sets in 200-300 range.

I honestly feel that no words can express our frustration with pirates, even if i buy an old set i would feel something is missing, mostly because i am so used to the way lego does things nowdays, as much as i would to complete the whole entire pirates line i would feel sad because the colors used back then would feel way off from the current brick choices that have been created since then including new molds that would totally enhance the set.  

Sad to say i will never be an AFOL, im a lego user that follows instructions, heck growing up i could never figure out how they made the different builds shown in back of boxes then.  My problem is that im stuck with whatever Lego plans to do with the future of this line, we can all see they are testing waters by implementing them in different lines, and i love what they are doing, is just a matter of time if they decide to give another wave a “go”

2009-2010 were my lego dark ages and i visited the lego store so much that dumb me missed out on the clearance sales from the 2009 pirates wave and the imperial ship, which is why i bought two of each set from the 2015 lines.

Can’t complain though, im just a sucker for pirates lore and toys.

i feel guilty getting the playmobil pirates just because


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On 6/15/2019 at 7:58 PM, Aanchir said:

my brother and I even dressed up as an Imperial Guard and King Kahuka one year.

This is fantastic. I really appreciate you posting this. My three year old son loves King Kahuka. Now I want to recreate that costume! :laugh:

It's interesting reading this discussion on whether Lego is objectively worse than it used to be. I think, as pirate fans here, we can all agree that it's been a long time since Lego has catered to people like us. But it's also interesting how people are always upset about change in their favorite products.

Since Lego doesn't make any historical themes anymore, my son and I have been doing a LOT of Playmobil lately. I'm part of a Playmobil forum now, and people there are always complaining about System X and the newer cannons. But since I'm new to Playmobil, I see things much more objectively. The newer sets are much more detailed and I love System X because it's more similar to Lego than steck, and it makes a very satisfying "snap." I love the newer cannons because the cannonballs I don't spend 90% of the time looking for cannonballs, and I also think the even look better than the old ones. (The old cannons were gold, and the cannonballs were brown with lines through them. How is that more realistic?)

We've been buying romans, pirates, soldiers, knights, cowboys, and indians. Lots of fun. To be honest, if I'm being objective, I have to admit these newer Playmobil sets are better looking than anything Lego has made. But Lego has a better building experience, so there are tradeoffs.

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