The Sunken Tavern Sheltered off the coast of Tradesmeet, Halfway between Varlyrio and Avalonia, sits the Sunken Tavern.  The Tavern is a favorite destination for many a sailor, captain or pirate.  The Tavern provides a safe haven for all.  The Tavern does not fall within the jurisdiction of Tradesmeet despite it's proximity, and this make's it especially alluring for those seeking to arrange illicit deals and contracts.  While some assume the Tavern is under the control of the Scarlet Marauders, the owner is actually a Kolgari who has run the tavern for as long as anyone can remember.  Despite it's illicit reputation, the Tavern is understood to be a safe location to travel to and from unmolested.  Some say that the Scarlet Marauders have an arrangement with the Kolgari owner, while others say the Kolgari is a powerful magician with many wards and protections in place.  It is even whispered by some that the Kolgari has a Kraken at her beck and call, if such a thing even exists. Regardless, the result is that visitors need not worry about Pirates, Maruaders or Customs agents.     A Scarlet Maruader vessel is docked.  This is a common sight at the Tavern, and many who wish to make contact with the Marauders will attempt to do so here.   The Sunken Tavern has many visitors, and those from foreign ports are not uncommon.      Currently an Avalonian ship is docked and the guards appear to be on alert, whether out of caution of fear of recognition, it is hard to tell.     A Varlyrian Fisherman is bringing in a fresh load to sell to the larger vessels, and to the Taverns patrons as well.     The tavern is well built and has weathered many a squall.  It is open in calm or storm.     The tavern is on the first floor, and can get quite rowdy, depending on the crowd.     The Kolgari owner is Taleth Asari, and she is always accompanied by other Kolgari, said to be her bodyguards or sisters, depending on who you ask.     There are two rooms for rent on the 2nd floor of the tavern, with access to the balcony on the third floor, and from there the great room.     An Avalonian merchant nobleman has been staying in the great room for a couple of weeks, and is about to depart in the vessel awaiting outside.     The balcony is quite popular during dry weather for drinking, socializing and negotiations.   A heated discussion is currently going on between a Varlyrian lady and Malco Amancio, the notorious nephew of Supano Amancio, a forceful "negotiator" who is also called 'kneecap' by some behind his back.      Malco is always suspicious and hot-headed, and has a particular dislike for his cousin Aldacio, who he thinks is trying to seduce his current consort.     Aldacio was born and raised in Avalonia, and his relatives see him as soft and weak, and are embarrassed by his soft Avalonian tendencies.         As always, the docks are busy, and populated by all sorts of characters from all over Historica.     High rez and more pics on Flickr.   Edit: Added exploded view to hidden area