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[I13 - Jakku - TCR] Star Destroyer Wreckage Show-down

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Mission Log from Cpt. Bannon: We were tasked with the covert recovery of a high profile Imperial container. The content of the container is 'need-to-know' I'm told. Obviously I don't need to know. Intel pointed to the last known location in a star destroyer wreckage on the planet Jakku. We encountered heavy rebel resistance, and lost most of the squad. The mission was successful. Two survivors, recovery of the container, elimination of most rebel resistance, and extraction from Jakku.


Factions 01: Object recovery mission

The rebels have barricaded themselves, and are making a last stand at the end of a star destroyer corridor. 

Factions 01: Hallway view

Cpt. Bannon: "The rebels are pinned down. Cover me!"

Factions 01: Cpt. Bannon

Cpt. Bannon charges a thermal detonator and gets ready to put the remaining rebels out of their misrable lives.

Factions 01: No-effect view

A two-section hallway from a star destroyer wreckage. I tried to tilt the entire MOC to give the right feel. A lot of rusty parts and trying to make the hallway look like it's falling apart. Let me know what you think. Also - what do you like most, the version with 'effects' or the version without?

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This is a great little build, lots of detail. I like both versions, always nice to throw in a little magic. Maybe a few more shots next time. :wink:

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A great MOC, love the worn corridor effect. I like the shot with the added blaster effects, looks really cool.

Good work!

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