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[OL Prospecting Results] Mercury Mine

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I finally got around to photographing the results from my prospecting build. I've tried to continue working with ball joints with the rockwork, with some success I think, and decided to try a black background instead of my typical white. Comments and criticism is welcome. 

While not the valuable metals and gems the Company had hoped for, the discovery of mercury on Stéphanique was still an important resource, perhaps one that was even better than gold and rubies. The current mercury mines in Halos were already operating at their limits forcing the new gold and silver producers in New Terra to pay outrageous sums to the sultans of Mokolei and the Middle Kingdoms in order to ensure that production could continue. But this discovery could change that; the first new source of quicksilver in over two hundred years and right in the middle of the colonies. Right where it was most needed.

32628438158_cc3a0aaf11_c.jpgMercury Mine by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

The Company wasted no time in sinking a shaft and bringing in workers to begin extracting the valuable ore. A small garrison ensured that the secretive natives would be dissuaded from causing any trouble that could halt production while Company officials regularly visited to ensure that the foremen were doing everything possible to maximize the amount of ore being brought to the surface.

46449731172_96d80b3981_c.jpgMercury Mine by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

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Great to see the mining flourishing, nice job with the rocks, and I like that bonnie hat.:pir_laugh2:

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I like this one. The track and mine entrance but also the mountainside with plants. And the way you gave the blue coat a jungle look with the hat.

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