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[MOC] Mr Magott's murshrooms

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No, this is not a scene involving the stealing of Christmas gifts from 4 shameless.
It's much worse! Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry are guilty of not having resisted the temptation to pick up roadside mushrooms.
If, in addition, they are the famous mushrooms of Mr. Maggott, known throughout the Shire, it takes so little for them to go pick them.
Normal, it's soon supper time.
The rascals were caught in the act and are therefore legitimately run by the poor farmer, furious to be dispossessed.

Frodo had to leave the country without being spotted. I think it's missed for this time.
The scene takes place in the east of the Shire, close to the Chateaubouc ferry, where spirits will pursue the young hobbits, but not for the same reason
that poor Mr. Magott.

Here is a new scene I created from Middle-earth.
I hope you'll like her.
I point out that the houses of Hobbits in the East of the Shire, looks like Bree houses: stone. The houses in the Earth are located in the center of the country of the
If you liked what I produced: a little star on my Flickr page and a sub would make me a great pleasure
Happy holidays to all of you :)

45519079115_8457fcb6be_c.jpgMaggot's murshrooms by Hugo, sur Flickr

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I love the house, the archway over the door is great and the texturing really gives it a nice weathered feel.  The roof looks great.  The landscaping is wonderful with all the flowers and grass and interesting tree design.  

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The house and garden are well-done, and of course the farmer's field in the back, but my favorite has to be the long black plume of smoke. So simple, but not a look I think I've ever seen. :thumbup:

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