[MOC] TIE Advanced X1

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My new project - TIE Advanced X1

685 parts, made in LDD but soon I'll start build real one :)

Work in progress, it's not final design :)

On the top I use 4x4 dish from 75211 Tie Fighter set, probably I use another canopy - the same like in set 75150, size 6x6. - number of part 18675pb01

Connect of the wings has several improvements and reinforcements, you will see it after building :)

How do you like it? Any ideas to impreve this MOC? :)

Tie Advanced X1


TIE Advanced X1




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Yes, I was based on it - mainly the front, but here I will also make a change, I have another idea. I also wanted to make another back, not like in this from Rebel Builder's or set 75150. I would like to this project be similar to official sets, with as much detail as possible.

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