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[Review] 75226 Inferno Squad Battle Pack

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Hello everyone!

This week I was lucky enough to find the new 75226 Inferno Squad Battle Pack early at my local hypermarket. This set is basically based on the campaign of the latest Battlefront 2 game. I really like all the Battlefront games and I want the main characters since the new one released. There could be find some really cool custom minifigures on the internet, but I always prefer the official ones more even if the custom ones could be much more detailed. So I was very excited, when the first rumours said they will come in a battle pack.



  • Name: 75226 Inferno Squad Battle Pack
  • Theme: Star Wars/Battlefront
  • Year: 2019 (1H)
  • Pieces: 118
  • Minifigures: 4
  • Price: USD 14.99
  • Source and more info: Brickset



The size of the box is the common battle pack box size, which most of the bp's use. This set has the new 2019 box art, which features Darth Vader on the right corner and the Star Wars logo in black next to the LEGO logo. These two are in good contrast with the white background. The white background is nicely detailed by imitating a lot of actual pieces in white and this goes around each side of the box.

The front shows all the minifigures and the build of this set in the middle of an action scene. According the background it takes place on the forest moon of Endor and this location was featured in the game too.


The back shows the speeder landed with the figures in different poses and the vehicle's stud shooter in action.


On the sides continuous the nice white background and besides the usual texts have the logo of the LEGO Life App and a minifig for size reference.




As usual to the battle packs the box contains two unnumbered bags and a small instructions.


The instructions book is smaller than the previous battle packs had. This new one is the same size that the Microfighters have and because of that, they don't have to folding it. The new instructions in 2019 have QR codes printed on the front and you could scan these with the LEGO Life App to use digital instructions. 


At the back of the book ther are an ad for the Life App and how to use the QR code, there are pics of other new sets and the minifigs of those sets, plus there is the partslist to.


The set a lot of good different type and colored pieces, but nothing too special.



The completed build of the set is a unique looking speeder. Just like some other small battle pack vehicles, neither this one based on an actual thing from the Star Wars universe, but it could fit into any collection. The designers made a good work to capture the feeling of imperial ships by the shapes and make an interesting looking speeder. The colors they've used reminds me the Corvus, which is the main ship of the squad plus they added a couple of red parts, which refers to the symbols of the team. The main part of the bps are of course the minifigures,  so if you only need them, there are a lot of useful pieces for MOC building in this set. It has a lot of different kind of pieces, such as wedge plates and technic pieces.


The model is very compact and uses several building techniques to get differently oriented parts. The wings are nicely angled with a couple of technic parts and the are quite sturdy. The main play features are the stud shooters on the side of the two wings. Besides them it has 4 imitated blasters too. The vehicle could fit only one of the figs, but the seat has only two studs  and it makes very easy to remove the pilot.(sometimes too easy...) The only "weak" part is the engine at the back, what is heald just two technic pins.




As I've said before, in most cases you'll buy this kind of set mostly for the minifigures. Here they are the members of the Inferno Squad, which is an imperial special forces unit. In the video game it contains three person, Commander Iden Versio, Gideon Hask and Del Meeko. The story has a prequel as a book and there the squad had a fourth member, Syen Marana.


 The main character, Iden, got a new accurate headprintig and a recolored hairpiece, but she doesn't has a helmet. All the other figs have helmet instead of hairpieces. Since the introduction of the stud shooters, the figures in the bps usually comes with them instead the nicer, smaller blaster pieces. This is also the case here, but they tried to make some differences of the weapons by adding a couple of pieces to them. It's a good move, but still doesn't feel the best option.


Iden has unique torso printing, the others have new printing too, but they all have the same design. In the perfect case this one will be Hask's and Del would get another different print. Del has more ammo packs and pockets on his armor, because of that the minifig got the Batman belt piece in black. This is a nice addition, it makes this one even cooler and fortunately in the set is a spare one of that piece, which is really useful in this color. The printed leg pieces looks great and all of them has the same.


In this set only Iden has a new and double-sided head, but fortunately all the figures have different faces. I think the faces for Iden, Del and Gideon fits perfectly, but unfortunately the fourth one is just the generic male trooper head.





This battle pack is on of the better ones with a good selection of well made minifigures and a nice small speeder with a lot of useful pieces. It's a relatively cheap way to get main characters or just beautiful figure parts. If you like Battlefront 2 this is the perfect set for you, if not, even than this could be very special addition for anyones Imperial collection. because the new trend of putting named characters in battle packs, they lost the army building value, but I think in this case the minifigures could serve a nice base for your custom imperial members. In a perfect word all of figures would come with hairpieces and helmets too, but I think I'll give the generic troopers helmet to Iden and use the rest of that fig for customization. 

I recommend this set to any Star Wars collector, and even if you only want the figures.

  • Play: 7/10 (The stud shooters gives the set the most playfeature, but the speeder is very swooshable too)
  • Design/Build: 8/10 (Nothing too special in design wise, but the whole build feels sturdy and complete)
  • Minifigures: 9/10 (They are the star of the set, would've been perfect with four helmets, hairpieces and normal blasters)
  • Price/Value: 8/10 (If you really want these figures, it deffinetly worth the price, but for discounted price you couldn't miss it)
  • Overall: 8/10 (Great set for both collections and playing)


My whole album of the set: Bricksafe


A bonus picture with additional hairpieces, blasters and custom Iden's droid:


Edited by Gubi0222

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I booked 2 sets, 4 MFs but 3 helmets, a little bit sorry... Iden's hair is the same tooling with Padmé, that's good.

Thanks for sharing bonus picture with additional hairpieces and custom Iden's droid, I once imaged it in LDD, but your version seems better, may I duplicate it?


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On 12/17/2018 at 12:52 AM, Reaper said:

Great review! I'm looking forward to getting the set :)

Thank you!

On 12/17/2018 at 4:58 AM, JoeChu1980 said:

Thanks for sharing bonus picture with additional hairpieces and custom Iden's droid, I once imaged it in LDD, but your version seems better, may I duplicate it?

Of course you can do, but I'm not quite happy with my design. I'll work on it in the future and I really like the arms of yours.

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Thanks for the review, I am looking forward to get this set. Finally not just angry clone faces hide under the helmets. One thing, that I find ott is, that Inferno squad was a one and only unit with 3 members, so this set steps on the pinky of SW lore by adding 4 commandos to it, but oh well. I won't have insomnia over one plus fig on my shelf :D

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13 hours ago, DrMuttonchops said:

Great review, thanks for posting! I wish Lego had done more research though, because the deceased fourth member Syen Marana is a woman!  

Does Iden get her own helmet? Also great job to both @JoeChu1980 and @Gubi0222 on Dio, it should've been included!

No, she does not, and I have a hard time interpreting that as anything other than a deliberate insult on LEGO's part. There's absolutely no excuse for it. I don't know why they bothered giving Meeko and Hask custom faces if they weren't going to include hair, either, since they aren't much good bald. Dio was included in the preliminary images but was apparently cut from the final set near the last minute. The whole thing seems like they came really close to making a great set but cheaped out--it could so easily have been so much better.

Edited by Kdapt-Preacher

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Great review! I’m tempted by the set but not sure, it’s a shame that the fourth figure isn’t an accurately modelled Syen but good to know in advance, at least it’s easy to swap the head and hair parts.

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