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So, I've been building little spacebikes based on this bike fairing part for a while, and by that I mean a couple years or something.  IMO the motorcycle is terrible, ridiculously huge, but the fairing's good for little spacecraft.  It was even used for this set 5969 prototype.

anyways, group shot

52035 family portrait

The Blacktron version's the definitive one. 


and 100% legal legos, so I used it as a base for this instructions page

There's a bunch of others in my flickr gallery if anybody's bored and curious, cheers

nameless purple bike


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I love these.  I've had a similar idea for quite a while and I'm happy to see that these look fantastic.  It encourages me to continue with my idea and try my hand at a few designs.  The Blacktron bikes are definitely the best of the bunch.

Well done!

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