(MOC)-Modular Cinema Empire Updated

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Hello to everyone!

In the last months, waiting for the case for my diorama, I decided to put my hand to my first modulars, replacing the floor plates with smooth tiles and updating small construction details with new Lego parts. In particular, however, I decided to put my hand back on the facade of the Cinema, because it was too similar to that of the Town Plan, having used it as a base. What I wanted to achieve was an Art Deco style sign that reminded some of the London's theaters. The interior remained almost identical, I added some decorations in the main hall, but nothing very significant. I'm selling instructions on Rebrickable, I hope you appreciate it.






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This is beautiful! That sign is just perfect, gives a super splash of colour to the building and to any city block you add it to. 

I like the patterns built in on the second story also, it breaks up and area that could have been quite plain to the eye. The details are great, especially that parking meter.

Thanks for sharing this MOC.

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That sign is impressive! It really captures the classic movie theater look, almost like a broadway marquee. The facade of the second floor also looks excellent, it's visually interesting but makes the sign really pop against the grey.

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