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[MOC] Track Inspector

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track inspector.lxf

So I got some inspiration from a model on MOC pages...  Apologies I lost the link to give proper credit but I feel safe not knowing it as about the only element that is the same in my version is the running boards lol.  Model T trucks were used for just about anything some were even sold as the cab engine and frame  with nothing mounted.  In the 30's and 40's it was not uncommon to see them modified into track vehicles.    

This is powered by an M motor (the mic page model used an old 9V motor but was taller because of that. The gearing is 16:1 and I plan on powering this direct from a 9V battery.   The only part that is not shown it a bit of tan embroidery cloth to simulate a canvas tarp draped over the load.   This will hide the battery and gear housing (the black over the motor to prevent the cloth getting in the gears) and part of the M motor.   I chose an m motor because it resembles an old generator motor so it could be something they would haul.  This will not be remote controlled...  Or controlled at all for that matter (that's why it's geared) just will go in forward till its pulled off the track or the battery dies.  

Comments and criticism welcomed 

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1 hour ago, Pdaitabird said:

Nice! The cab shape is instantly recognizable as a Model T variant. I like how you've used fences as bed railings.

Thanks my thought was make it work with what you have available.  Many of the yardmen were great at turning junk into something workable and usable. 

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