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Hello from Disneyland Paris neighborhood

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Just a quick presentation.

I am Fred, leaving in France near Paris (few kilometers from the Disneyland Parc).

I am 45, and assumed as an AFOL since about 5 years. When I was young my first sets were the Classic Space sets of the end of the seventy's such as 462, 483, 487, 885, 886, 889. As quiet a lot of men from my generation, I now appreciate Star Wars theme, especially the original trilogy related sets. I also like other themes like Architecture, Modulars, Technics, Ideas, DC & Marvel.

I collect the Star Wars original trilogy minifigs, but I try to do it leisurely ! I now own 248 uniques SW minifigs.

I read the Eurobrick forum since few years but I only post now since I am a shy guy ;)

I am not part of any LUG.

Here are a lot of sentences begining with "I", too much from my point of view ! To finish, I am not fluent in English so I will do my best to be understandable.

See you soon in the threads.


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Welcome to Eurobricks! I'm exceited to see another SW fan join! I have a SW collection too!

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