Hi all! This will be my entry for the aircraft contest. It will be a normal airplane, more specifically a "light sport aircraft". The model will focus on the looks but will have the main features that make an aircraft. Planned features: variable pitch propeller rectacting gears nose gear with drag steering: gear self aligns. Some real small planes have this, and in the real plane the steering is achieved by skid-breaking the two main wheels. doors hiding the rectracter wheels (expendable) flight control surfaces: ailerons elevator rudder flaps (expendable) control system: HOG for the main flight controls, triaxial joystick (expendable for two separate sticks) ailerons and elevators are also controllable from the cockpit (dual setup) propeller pitch from cockpit with the throttle lever flaps from either cockpit or hog 4-cylider flat engine. At the moment it's a proper flat engine with counter-acting pistons, but I could only implement it with a very big offset between the two cylinder lines, so maybe I will go back for a V4 engine instead to save a little space the engine and the propeller will be driven somehow from the middle of the body, probably with some one-way button pushing ratcheting mechanism thing... opening canopy opening engine door (it doesn't have to be hinged, but has to be easy to remove) awesome luxury looks After about 20 hours of work, the only thing I'm satisfied with is the variable pitch propeller... I have a basic shape defined, controls in the cockipt but I can't route the drive to the engine. I also have the nose gear steering, which looks kind of ugly but works. The mayor challenge in the gear was to add a very small return to center mechanism (otherwise the gear couldn't be retracted) and obviously the rectracting itself.
I will have a big rebuild this weekend, so the internals will change greatly. However, I'm satisfied with the overall proportions and size of the model. Inadvertently the scale will be around 1:10, so in the "supercar scale". Propeller: I decided to go for a built propeller blades that fit the scale better (and looks better than the propeller blade part, which fit old-school planes better in my opinion) and can be connected to the pitch control more efficiently. Sorry for my English and typos, my computer died, and also I haven't slept too much lately. PICS (the propeller pitch hub needs some parts to replace, I guess you'll find which):